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Puppy Bowl Stalking, NAVC

Michelle Maskaly//January 17, 2014//

Puppy Bowl Stalking, NAVC

Michelle Maskaly //January 17, 2014//

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Sometimes you just know when a star athlete is born. You look into their eyes and you see something. There is a passion, drive and motivation.

That’s what I saw in Pong the first time I met her last year at the Total Pet Expo in Chicago. She was strong, brilliant and I knew she was going to be a star.

Oh, who am I kidding? She was just so freaking adorable, I had to grab her and snuggle her.

But, it sounds like a good story, especially since now she is one of the puppies who will be staring in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl X.

All my animal loving friends go nuts over this event, so you better believe when I found out Pong, who is from Florida Little Dog Rescue, was going to be part of it, I totally flaunted the, “I knew her when” card. I mean, isn’t that what you do with anyone you know when they become famous?

Too bad I don’t have any scandalous puppy photos, or juicy dirt about Pong before she became famous, that People Pets might be interested in.

I’m heading down to Orlando, where she is from, on Sunday to attend the North American Veterinary Conference, and I am going to see if I can spot her, because I would love to see her and the folks from the Florida Little Dog Rescue again. The conference hotel I’m stay at is on Disney property and according to her starting lineup profile she has been to Disney World 12 times already.

Plus, from what I can tell, she has become very much of a celebrity down there, having been on numerous local TV stations.

By the way, if you are going to be at the NAVC, I would love to meet up with you, so send me a tweet and hopefully we can get together.