BLOG: Season’s Greetings

Tom Mazorlig//December 23, 2015//

BLOG: Season’s Greetings

Tom Mazorlig //December 23, 2015//

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I’d like to extend to our readers, advertisers, writers, web-viewers and social media followers warm wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous holiday season. No matter which of the winter holidays you celebrate, the entire Pet Age team hopes yours are filled with love and laughter.

My partner and I will be making stops with various family members and giving our cats some new toys and treats – and giving extra mice to the snakes. I will have the luxury of being able to take it easy for several days and plan to make the most of it by catching up on sleep and on reading and by planning out my first vivarium, probably to house Mexican alligator lizards.

I know that retailers don’t have such luxury. The days after Christmas can be hectic with returns and shoppers putting gift certificates to use. For stores that deal in live animals, those animals still need care even on holidays. A retailer’s work is never done.

Even so, I hope everyone gets to enjoy some peaceful time over the holidays. As the year’s wheel turns toward the new, it’s a great time to pause, take stock of what has gone before and plan for what’s coming up.

Lastly, I want to thank you all for helping to make Pet Age a success. I’m looking forward to bringing you all the latest pet industry news and trends in 2016!

Happy Holidays!

Tom Mazorlig