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Training Technology

Sandy Robins//January 5, 2015//

Training Technology

Sandy Robins //January 5, 2015//

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Dogs bark for a variety of reasons from defending their territory to getting attention. But when it comes to excessive barking, Dr. Roger Mugford, renowned British pet psychologist and animal behaviorist and founder of The Company Of Animals says that it’s not just a matter of stopping the barking but finding the reason so that it can be addressed with the right anti-barking and training products available.

“I usually recommend positive reinforcement techniques when trying to curb or limit unwanted barking,” said Mugford. “My choice of product-based solution accessories for pet parents and trainers include products such as the Pet Corrector, which emits a blast of compressed air and humanely stops bad behavior.”
Separation Anxiety

If the bad behavior is the result of separation anxiety, Mugford says products such as the Quiet Dog Face Wrap work on the calming swaddling principle.

Similarly, the ThunderShirt range of shirts is designed to reduce barking associated with stress and anxiety. The company has increased their designs to now include a camouflage and orange trimmed ThunderShirt as well as a range of six Major League baseball shirts. The line-up includes the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, the St Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, The Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants.

Anti-Barking Options

Radio Systems Corporation makes a variety of bark control devices and has added new products to their inventory.

“Bark control devices are training tools, which effectively reduce nuisance barking,” said Jason Hart, director of marketing for PetSafe. “As with any training tool, it is important for consumers to read the instructions and use them properly for them to be effective.”

“A bark control device senses barking and emits an aversive signal that deters a dog from continuing to bark,” he said. “Depending on the type of device, the signal is communicated through touch (a static or vibrating sensation), smell (a citronella spray) or sound (ultrasonic tones).”

New from PetSafe is the AutoTrainer, a bark control device with patented technology that uses food rewards, along with a sophisticated algorithm, to reward dogs for remaining calm and quiet while home alone. The machine comes packaged with a collar to transmit any barks to the unit using the patented Perfect Bark dual detection technology, meaning the dog’s bark is the only sound that will transmit to the AutoTrainer.

The Elite Little Dog Static Bark Collar, also from PetSafe is a small unit that uses vibration and sound to ensure only the intended dog’s barking is detected. As he barks, he receives a safe but annoying static correction. The bark collar begins with low corrections, but if excessive barking continues, the correction intensity will increase.

The company’s line-up also targets nuisance barking from neighbors dogs with the the PetSafe Elite Outdoor Bark Control product designed to look like a little bird house.

It includes a digital timer that can be programmed to turn the unit on and off at specific times, just like an alarm clock. When the Elite Outdoor Bark Control is within 50 feet of barking, an internal microphone picks up the sound and the unit is activated.

The unit emits an ultrasonic sound that cannot be heard by most humans, similar to a dog whistle. Startled by the high-pitched sound, the dog should associate his barking with the noise and stop barking. The unit is waterproof and is designed specifically for outdoor use.

Jarden Animal Solutions has a new sonic device in their First Alert brand.

When barking is detected, the Bark Genie Automatic Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent emits a high-pitched sound, stopping the noise within seconds. It works in a range of up to 50 feet.

This weatherproof product can be used both indoors and outdoors as it can be mounted to a wall, fence, post or tree. The level of sound sensitivity is adjustable to three levels based on the distance between the dog and the deterrent.

“Positive online reviews and buzz created by our public relations team has certainly helped drive the sales and the brand awareness,” said Juliana Campos, associate product manager for the company’s pet care products.

Travel Fencing

Late last year, Motorola also entered the anti-bark arena debuting their new anti-bark collars at Superzoo in Las Vegas along with a Wi-Fi travel fence designed to train dogs to stay within a fixed boundary when the family is away from home.

“The fence requires the usual basic training for the dog to understand the concept of boundaries,” said Jo Hunt, public relations spokesperson for Motorola. Then it can be set up anywhere: at the beach, at a camping site or even when visiting friends with a large property.