The Well-Groomed Dog

Sandy Robins//September 1, 2015//

The Well-Groomed Dog

Sandy Robins //September 1, 2015//

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It comes as no surprise that a basic brush is the most common grooming tool of dog owners, with 84 percent saying they had at least one brush in a recent poll.
But, according to the 2015-2016 National Pet Owners Survey just published by the American Pet Products Association, only 40 percent of owners considered building a grooming toolbox by adding a comb and/or nail clippers to their arsenal.

The takeaway from these statistics: There is a lot of room to promote grooming products in the pet specialty retail sector.

And some new products are on the way.

Brushes and Other Tools

There are a number of new lines of grooming tools on the market. Here’s a look at four:

Groom Genie: This is a grooming tool for all dogs, but especially for dogs who are sensitive to being  brushed.

“The Groom Genie’s unique bristle design is a special combination of bristle lengths that produces great detangling capabilities,” Rikki Mor, founder and owner of the company, said. Mor, who recently signed an international distribution deal with Multipet International, said the product’s design is key. “The shape of the brush is ergonomically friendly and fits into most people’s hands easily,” she said. “The unique paw shape actually provides a finger hold for an easier grip.

“The fact that there is no handle means owners can better control their brushstrokes and truly feel their pet’s reaction to the brush. This enables owners to pinpoint sensitive spots more easily. We designed the bristles to be light colored so issues like flea dirt can be quickly discovered.”

The product works on both dry and wet fur.

• The Groomie: This new product is a multi-level grooming tool designed to work deep into fur,  removing dead hair, dirt and dander.

The Groomie comes from FFD Pet by foufouBrands, the Canadian company known for their stylish doggie couture. But as CEO Cheryl Ng points out, The Groomie is all about substance.

“It’s dual-sided,” she explained. “The acupressure side is ideal for a luxurious massage and it’s also extremely effective in removing fur from clothing and furniture.”

Scaredy Cut: The company has produced an updated version of its special home grooming kit designed for dogs (there also is a cat version).

Company president Matthew Michel said the product now consists of nine accessories, including a patented comb organizer along with the patented scissors. The quality, he said, now sets them apart.

“The scissors are now true professional scissors and far superior to the design in our original kits,” he said. “The product is an at-home grooming solution that allows a dog to enjoy silent grooming from the person they trust most in the world, their owner.”

• Premium Pet Grooming Tools: Andis has introduced this new line, specifically for home grooming use.

The comprehensive lineup includes everything from combs, clippers, two-sided brushes and de-shedding tools.

The product line has professional features that professional groomers demand, such as ergonomic, anti-slip handles designed for all-day use and reduced hand fatigue.

And to make it an easy sell for store owners and easy to use for consumers, the packaging of each tool has grooming tips provided by professional groomers regarding using the tools for the first time.

Skin and Coat Care
Skin allergies and yeast infections are common issues faced by dogs. Here are some companies with products made to combat the issue:

DERMagic: The company, which specializes in all natural skin care  for animals, addresses these issues  with their all-natural and organic products called Skin Rescue.

The range of products includes a Skin Rescue Lotion, a new Skin Rescue Conditioner Bar and another new product, the Skin Rescue Grooming Spritz, a lemongrass and spearmint infused between-bath freshener.

“The Grooming Spritz is designed for daily use on active dogs to keep their coats and muddy paws clean and fresh,” Dr. Adelia Ritchie, the president and founder of the company, said.

“It’s an easy spray-on application that brushes dry and prevents matting.”

MiracleCorp: The company has re-packaged its Miracle Care line of  shampoo products.

“It’s part of our company’s evolution to introduce new looks to our established line of care products,” Bruce Flantzer, a former senior vice president, explained. “However, our formulas remain unchanged.”

The product line, which is a popular choice for many professional groomers, includes a tea tree oil shampoo, a puppy shampoo, a hypoallergenic formula, oatmeal and Radiant White shampoo formulas along with Spray-On Leave-In Conditioner and Lusterizer and Spray-On Waterless Shampoo.

Aroma Paws: The company has added a cucumber dog facial scrub  to its product line.

This cleanser is blended with organic cucumber and aloe vera extracts and is designed for a quick cleanup of the facial area. It’s specially designed to counteract dull yellow fur that is often infused with food around the snout.

According to the company’s website, it is also recommended for “jowl breeds” such as bulldogs, mastiffs and pugs, who have facial folds that tend to smell and attract yeast infections if not washed and attended to on a regular basis.