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The Smallest Gesture Makes the Biggest Impact

Jason Kamery//September 13, 2013//

The Smallest Gesture Makes the Biggest Impact

Jason Kamery //September 13, 2013//

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I am not gong to lie, I love to shop and go out.

I am the type that has to look around at the newest technology, buy new CDs or movies or get something new for the pets. I interact with a lot of people that are trying to sell me products, help me out with products or answer general information.

A lot of interactions have come and gone and nothing has really stood out. Sometimes I will head to the local electronic shop or pet store and remember people, remember different things about them and maybe their name, but no one time ever really stood out to me.

Last Sunday a few of us went out to catch the games, we stopped at a local restaurant and sat at the bar. It was the first time we had ever been to the place and we figured to give it a try just to say we had been there. We stayed for the 1 p.m. games and ate some food and was about to leave. While getting up to leave the bartender, who took good care of us in general but didn’t do anything over the top, looked me in the eye, extended his hand for a handshake and said, “Thank you, I truly appreciate your business.” He proceeded to do this with each one of us and we all left and waved bye.

None of us really talked about it and I didn’t really think about it till I left and went home. I realized that it was not the first time anyone has said they appreciate my business, but it was the first time anyone said it and seemed like they truly meant it.

Now I can’t tell if they did or not, but he was convincing none the less. This little gesture has gone a long way. My same group of friends and I were planning out what to do with the upcoming football weekend. The suggestion of going to that place came up and no one disagreed with it. Now the food wasn’t amazing, it wasn’t the cheapest or nicest place ever, nothing was truly unique or memorable about that place except for that bartender. And all he did was provide good customer service and let us know he appreciated our business and was sincere about it.

Like I said, I have had other people do it, and it meant nothing to me, but when saying it making eye contact and shaking my hand, no matter what business you are in, if you truly mean it, it will leave a lasting impression and most likely you will have a returning customer.