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The Heat is On

Pet Age Staff//November 1, 2019//

The Heat is On

Pet Age Staff //November 1, 2019//

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There’s no better source of warmth and light for reptiles than the sun, but as pets, these cold-blooded animals need specialized products within their indoor home in order to maintain proper body temperatures.

Without access to direct sunlight, companion reptiles require a temperature gradient in their habitats. That means a heat source on one side “so that the temperature there is at the high end of the range for the reptile species,” with the other side “maintained around the lower temperature range for the species,” wrote Dr. Lianne McLeod, a veterinarian who has expertise on the care and keeping of exotic pets, in a June article on The Spruce Pets website.

“Obviously, temperatures must not be so high as to overheat the reptile,” continued Dr. McLeod. “Just as important, however, is that temperatures not be too low since processes like digestion are only efficient at the right body temperature. At temperatures that are too low, a reptile may become sluggish and unable to digest its food properly.”

Complementary to warmth and light in a reptile habitat is maintaining the proper humidity level, and the most reliable way to do that is by installing a misting device, according to Rex Lee Searcey of Reptiles Magazine.

“A quality, efficient misting system can monitor the vivarium humidity and turn on numerous times each day for specific, short durations, so it can keep the humidity level up even with more fresh-air circulation being allowed into the vivarium,” Searcey wrote.

By maintaining a sufficient stock of misting systems along with heaters and UVB-specific lightbulbs—which play a role in reptiles’ digestion and their need for vitamin D3, respectively—retailers can assure owners and their pets that they won’t be left out in the cold. With that in mind, these products can be considered necessities for retailers wanting to provide their customers with ideal products to bring home to their companion reptiles.

Sun Glow - FlukersFluker’s Sun Glow Coil Bulbs

Under natural conditions, the sun produces ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation. UVB radiation is needed to produce vitamin D. In captivity, reptiles that have poor lighting conditions can develop life-threatening diseases. Sun-Glow Coil Bulbs produce essential UVB radiation for captive reptiles and amphibians. The bulbs should be used in combination with Fluker’s incandescent bulbs that regulate the environmental temperature. Desert (10.0 UVB) or Tropical (5.0 UVB) versions available.



The Tetrafauna ReptoHeat Dual Temp Basking Heater provides two safe and easy ways to set up and mount this innovative basking heater. The heater provides a variety of reptiles with the proper basking heat. The heaters have been dialed in to ensure that whatever the pet, it will have the best basking heat for its needs.




Mist King ultimate-misting-systemUltimate Misting System

MistKing’s Ultimate Misting System produces a consistent mist that is equally as fine as in the starter system. However, this system is based on a more robust, higher-flow pump capable of running up to 20 misting nozzles. In addition, it features a ZipDrip valve that totally eliminates post-mist dripping.



ZooMed ReptiSun_LED_UVB_Terrarium_Hood2Zoo Med ReptiSun LED UVB Terrarium Hood

The hood features a highly polished curved reflector for maximum efficiency and UVB penetration, and houses a high output T5 ReptiSun UVB lamp. This is the ideal light fixture for large terrariums, planted terrariums and any species that benefits from UVB exposure and bright, visible light.


Zilla Pro Sol FixtureZilla Pro Sol Fixture

The Zilla Pro Sol Fixture combines functionality and modern design in one small, low-profile package. This sleek, slim fixture has multiple heat sockets, which allow for a 24-hour hot basking spot while also creating an essential smooth heat gradient both horizontally and vertically in the terrarium. Each fixture also comes with a separate night socket, which allows you to individually control day and night settings to replicate a natural day cycle for your reptile.



Scorpion Light Exo TerraExo Terra Scorpion Light

The Exo Terra Scorpion Light adds a whole new dimension to keeping invertebrates. The Scorpion Light provides a soft ultraviolet light, similar to the UV-rays reflected by the moon’s surface. Ultraviolet light makes certain scorpions, spiders and insects glow in the dark, it will light up certain spider webs and instigate spider mating behavior. With an energy consumption of only 2W, the Scorpion Light consumes nearly 80 percent less energy than a conventional night light, and does not interfere with natural nighttime temperature drops.


T-Rex Active UV Bulb


T-Rex Active UV Heat Bulb

The Active UV Heat is the original full-spectrum, self-ballasted, mercury vapor bulb. It emits UVB, UVA and heat all in one bulb and provides the benefits of natural sunlight. It fits in a standard ceramic socket and no ballast is needed. The Active UV Heat bulb is preferred by zoos, universities and breeders worldwide. It is ideal for daytime active, basking reptiles.





20180823_sera_reptil_lightsera Reptile Lights

The line of sera lighting products provides the right amount of heat for reptiles day and night. Each product has its own unique features to cater to the individual needs of the herp in its terrarium, such as LED lamps with broad reflector for lighting smaller terrariums, brightness control, nocturnal modes and more. Available in different styles and sizes.