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Replicating a Natural Habitat

Pet Age Staff//April 1, 2019//

Replicating a Natural Habitat

Pet Age Staff //April 1, 2019//

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When it comes to reptiles, giving them a space that has everything they need is crucial. This is what terrariums are for. Simply put, a terrarium is a container designed to hold small plants or animals in a controlled environment. But while the terrarium itself is simple, the environment it ultimately creates is much more complex.

Different herps have different environmental needs matching what they would find in their natural habitat. Things like heating, light, humidity and size are important factors to consider.

So, for example, while a turtle may be fond of a smaller terrarium space, a snake or lizard may not because they can grow to larger sizes. That’s why it is recommended to go with a terrarium that accommodates how large a reptile will become, not how large it is at present.

Information like this and more is beneficial for consumers to know, and manufacturers and retailers should be able to answer all their questions regarding their reptile’s terrarium because ultimately, the terrarium will be their home away from home. By knowing their needs, pet parents can provide them with the best territory possible for a happy, healthy lifestyle.

These terrariums are perfect for a variety of reptiles, from burrowing lizards to basking snakes. With modern, sleek designs and added features like realistic backgrounds, lightweight bedding and unique windows for optimal viewing, pet owners can find the perfect durable environment for their reptile while adding a touch of creativity to their household.

Manufacturers and retailers should ensure they have an array of styles to satisfy consumers and their herps, because a good environment starts with the base, and the terrarium is the base for what reptiles will call home sweet home.


Zoo Med Skyscraper TerrariumSkyscraper Terrarium

The 36-inch tall terrarium features a full front glass opening door with snap closure and a stainless steel screen top that will not corrode and keeps feeder insects inside while allowing greater UVA and UVB penetration. Additional features include a lockable door for safety and a water-tight base.









zilla front opening terrariumFront Opening Terrariums

Zilla’s Front Opening Terrariums provide reptile and amphibian keepers easier access to their pets without the need to move hot lights. The Zilla glass open front natural terrariums come with a realistic foam background, removable doors, locking safety pins and top inserts to help keep humidity in the tank. The bottom of the terrarium is water-tight for creating a false bottom for planted tanks or an aquarium water feature. The top of the terrarium is made with a hinged panel that allows for easy access and has a powder-coated screen to resist rust in a high humidity environment.


Jungle BobReptile Ravines

Reptile Ravines are a unique yet functional decoration. They provide basking and hiding spots and a beautiful 3D look for the terrarium. With a quality poly resin construction, they will not tip over with the weight of the animal. Purchase all four for a complete terrarium or vivarium landscape.




PISCES Australian Jurassic BeddingAustralian Jurassic Bedding

This bedding solution is made from 100-percent pure Australian Araucaria. A lightweight bedding, this bark is ideal for reptiles that enjoy burrowing. The bedding is kiln-dried, odorless and naturally mold resistant.









The Habisphere’s bent front window allows a unique viewing angle of the terrarium setup and its inhabitants. Access through the top lid as well as the removable back panel make the Habisphere easy to install and maintain. The Habispere is ideal for small ground-dwelling and burrowing lizards, small ground-dwelling geckos, arboreal or aquatic frogs, newts, salamanders, toads as well as many different species of invertebrates.



The Tetrafauna ReptoHeat Dual Temp Basking Heater provides two safe and easy ways to set up and mount this innovative basking heater. The heater provides a variety of reptiles with the proper basking heat. The heaters have been dialed in to ensure that whatever the pet, it will have the best basking heat for its needs.