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Herp Habitats

Pet Age Staff//July 1, 2019//

Herp Habitats

Pet Age Staff //July 1, 2019//

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When it comes to reptile owners, millennials, followed by Gen Xers, account for 35 percent and 31 percent, respectively, of all reptile owners in 2018, according to the 2019-2020 APPA National Pet Owners Survey. Generally, these owners spend plenty of time researching the type of reptile best fits their lifestyle, which is vital for a strong pet-owner bond.

That is because the owner who understands their pet will realize it has special needs, which varies from species to species. The tank or terrarium is ultimately the pet’s world, and the correct environment needs to include not only proper temperature and humidity, but also an appropriate habitat. Often, reptile owners enjoy offering their pet a habitat that replicates its natural environment.

Those reptile owners will want to provide the correct environment for their pet. Some reptiles are natural climbers and require branches, whereas others prefer to live on flat surfaces with hiding spaces. Some herps like to burrow while others spend most of their lives in water. Many reptiles can become stressed when their terrarium isn’t an ideal environment, which could affect their health.

Although living in captivity, reptiles still benefit from having a home that offers them ample room to grow. But also as important is their need for hiding places, as these are often the most popular products with reptile owners. In fact, many starter kits include such items as caves or hideaways. Places for a reptile to have its privacy is arguably as important a product as a food or water bowl when it comes to keeping a happy and healthy pet.

The following is a sampling of products that should be considered for a retailer’s reptile section, as they satisfy the needs for a variety of herp habitats. It’s also advised to educate your staff on the needs of your customers’ reptiles to ensure the products are a proper match for the pets.

PennPlax Lizard LoungerSkull Lizard Lounger

The Penn-Plax Skull Lizard Lounger combines the best-selling Lizard Lounger with a new stylish hideaway and crawl-through. The super-sized resin offers the perfect place to hide and climb and looks awesome in any terrarium. The lounger is made of 100 percent natural seagrass and comes with superior-size and strength suction cups and leather ties to customize to the environment. Ideal for bearded dragons, iguanas, geckos and other climbing lizards.


81232 dome home pkgT-Rex Dome Home

T-Rex’s Dome Home is nature’s perfect hideaway. A hollowed-out coconut makes the perfect home for frogs, lizards or snakes. Made from 100 percent coconut shell, Dome Home will help give any tropical terrarium setup a naturalistic look and will help enhance humidity when kept wet. It will also work in a desert environment as a hideout for pets.



ZILLA Rock Lair LargeZilla Rock Lairs

These naturalistic hideaways provide humidity for reptiles as well as a dark den that helps them feel safe. The large entrance makes it easy for animals to climb in and for fresh air to be exchanged and prevent molding. With a mossy appearance, the lair will look natural and can also double as a rough surface for animals to rub against and remove sloughing skin.


Galapagos Mossy CavesMossy Caves

Galapagos Mossy Caves make the most natural hiding places for frogs and snakes, giving them a secure and safe place to relax. They also provide a great source of humidity and can be decorated with different mosses to match any style.






Jungle BobReptile Ravines

Reptile Ravines are a unique yet functional decoration. They provide basking and hiding spots and a beautiful 3D look for the terrarium. With a quality poly-resin construction, they will not tip over with the weight of the animal. Purchase all four for a complete terrarium or vivarium landscape.


82736 Forest TunnelKomodo Forest Tunnel

Made from 100 percent natural materials and is created from renewable sources. Offer a great place to hide or bask and are ideal for use with the majority of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Can be cut to suit any size or style of terrarium.


HabiCavesFluker’s Castle Cribs

For the coolest crib around, this innovative Castle Crib combines a basking platform, crawl space and bowl. Made of a durable, non-porous material, so it’s easy to clean and disinfect. Available in two sizes: small (9 by 4 by 2 inches) and large (11 by 5 by 2 inches).


ZooMed Mopani Option2Zoo Med Mopani Wood

Mopani wood is a naturally grown product that has been sandblasted clean and is ready to be added to a terrarium. This beautiful African hardwood features a smooth surface, textured detail and unique mottled color that adds interest and enrichment to habitats. It can be used with plants to create a naturalistic look. It is one of the hardest and densest woods available. It will not rot.