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Sustainable Sustenance

Pet Age Staff//July 31, 2019//

Sustainable Sustenance

Pet Age Staff //July 31, 2019//

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In 2018, 9 percent of 494 U.S. dog owners surveyed by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) purchased dog food with sustainable/humanely sourced ingredients, according to the organization’s 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey. And out of 500 surveyed dog owners, 12 percent said that they plan to purchase dog food with sustainable/humanely sourced ingredients.

So, what exactly is dog food made from sustainable/humanely sourced ingredients? Well, it means that it is not only healthy for pups, but also produced in a humane and environmentally friendly way that can hopefully carry on for many generations to come. Do dogs care that they are eating this type of food? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile.

Fake news aside, global warming is real, so anything that can be done to help our planet is a good thing. And farm animals that are raised for pet food deserve to be treated as humanely as possible during their short time on this Earth. There may be some customers who don’t agree with those statements, but there are others who do and want to have that option of buying dog food made from sustainable/humanely sourced ingredients. So, based on the basic law of supply and demand, it’s merely common sense for retailers to add this type of dog food to their shelves.

Some of the items in the following list of sustainably sourced dog food products are limited-ingredient, which helps with digestion and reduces the possibility of an allergic reaction. Others contain such unique protein sources as crickets or water buffalo. There is also minimally processed raw food that is delivered in its most natural state. And then some companies take being eco-friendly a step further by using “green” rice paper packaging that is biodegradable.

Kudos to the manufacturers making this type of dog food and the retailers selling it. Every effort—big or small—to help protect our planet and its precious resources should be celebrated.

Image of Zignature Line_Pet AgeZignature

Designed to mimic what pets used to thrive on in the wild hundreds of years ago, Zignature formulas prioritize meat-first, limited-ingredient recipes, which helps with both digestion and minimizing allergens and food sensitivities. Their limited-ingredient philosophy eliminates allergenic ingredients such as chicken, corn, wheat gluten, soy and potatoes.


MyPerfectPet Hunters TurkeySalmonMy Perfect Pet 

Hunter’s Blend from My Perfect Pet combines delicious turkey, wild salmon and fresh produce for a nutritionally powered, wholesomely fresh meal. Like all of their recipes, it features ingredients from sustainable sources that meet My Perfect Pet’s stringent requirements for quality, food safety and origin.




Jiminys - PeasJiminy’s Chewy Cricket Treat

Less than three calories per treat, these soft and chewy cricket treats from Jiminy’s contain wholesome ingredients like sweet potatoes, peas, oats and crickets for a delicious and nutritious reward. These treats are designed as a training reward, but they are also great for small dogs that prefer a soft, savory treat. Sustainable, humane and hypoallergenic—these treats have it all!







pierlessPierless Pet Treats

The Pierless Pet Treats brand has been developed to be a premium “restaurant-grade” fish treat. These treats are handmade with 100 percent sustainably caught fish from the waters of the North Atlantic. They are unique, locally sourced, sustainable, 100 percent fish treats that contain no fillers. They are produced and packaged in the United States using Earth-friendly, biodegradable rice paper packaging.


Hund LeashHUND’s Multi-Function Leather Leash
HUND’s sustainable leather leash makes it easy and safe for a dog and its owner to enjoy their walks and training in various ways. One leash can be used as a 4-foot, 5-foot, 6-foot, cross-body (hands-free) and two-dog leash.



Honey Im HomeHoney I’m Home Treats

Honey I’m Home treats are made with human-grade, humanely raised water buffalo out of India that are 100 percent grass-fed, free-range and grain-free, without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Each treat is coated in honey for a product that is sweet to the taste.


StellaChewys Freeze-Dried Dinners DogStella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dinners

All Stella & Chewy’s recipes are formulated to mirror the best nutrition for pets. Dogs deserve to thrive on pure, simple and minimally processed raw food that’s delivered in its most natural state. That’s why Stella & Chewy’s starts with responsibly sourced animal proteins (cage-free poultry, grass-fed beef and wild-caught fish), with no added hormones or antibiotics, and add wholesome fruits and vegetables. These freeze-dried dinners are complete and balanced, and are 90 to 95 percent meat, organs and bones. They are made with no grains, are gluten-free and include probiotics to support digestion.


3-Pack-Wild EarthGood Protein by Wild Earth

Wild Earth’s Good Protein dog treats are made from eco-friendly and renewably sourced Koji, a complete protein with all ten essential amino acids dogs need. The veterinarian-developed formula boasts omega fatty acids, digestion-boosting enzymes and prebiotics to support gastrointestinal microbiomes. Three flavors: peanut butter, banana cinnamon and strawberry beet.


Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp OilsPet Releaf Professional Liposome Hemp Oils

Mixed with sustainably sourced wild Alaskan salmon oil, Pet Releaf Professional Liposome Hemp Oils use a patent-pending oil technology that allows Pet Releaf’s Certified USDA Organic full-spectrum CBD hemp oil to be administered directly on a pet’s food. It’s perfect for dogs that require the use of food to take supplements.



Formulated by Veterinarian Dr. Bob Goldstein, Wisdom offers dogs a peak nutritional experience starting with its humanely sourced protein, organic fruits, vegetables, sprouted seeds, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Dr. Bob’s special ingredients make it an easy choice to select.