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Resting Easy

Pet Age Staff//September 18, 2019//

Resting Easy

Pet Age Staff //September 18, 2019//

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According to the American Pet Products Association’s 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey, almost half of dog owners polled said they own a bed for their pet. That puts dog beds right up there with water/food bowls and surpasses traveling crates and automatic feeding devices in terms of the most popular dog care items unrelated to nutrition and hygiene.

Many dogs love to snooze right next to their owners, taking up a prime section of twin, full, queen or king beds in the process, but dogs benefit from having a special resting and sleeping place just for themselves that’s comfortable and maintainable, with some designed to address certain physical conditions.

For small dogs, suspended, hammock-style beds provide a raised surface that molds to body shape. Therapeutic beds come with gel packs that can be chilled or warmed should a dog feel hot or cold, and beds with foam foundations provide ample support on par with orthopedic-style benefits.

Color options, various materials and modern designs are available to complement a home’s décor, easing the minds of owners who have concerns that a separate dog bed would clash with what’s already in place around the house. Additionally, durability and washability have been factored into their design, along with the ability to withstand chewing and scratching, to provide consumers with peace of mind on bed maintenance.

A good night’s sleep is beneficial to a dog and its owner. Not only does it restore strength and energy, it boosts overall health. These beds feature some of the best materials and designs to give dogs high-quality rest, and consumers can rest easy knowing their dog’s quality of life is improved with a good night’s sleep. Not to mention, retailers that devote some space in their stores to these stylish, sturdy dog beds can look forward to interacting with well-rested—and appreciative—canines and customers.

PrimetimePetz Lounge GreyPaintSpotsPrimetime Petz Lounge

The Primetime Petz Lounge offers a spacious raised lounging surface, perfect for small dogs. A reversible fabric hammock attaches to the sturdy wood frame creating a suspended bed that molds to your pet’s body shape. It’s easy to assemble and easy to keep clean with a sleek modern look.



HarryBarker Martello_Bed_DarkGrey_Tripp_PrintHarry Barker Martello Bed

Like the famous oval-shaped Martello Fort, these unique beds provide exceptional support and comfort not only from below but also all the way around. A generous bolster cushion frames the bed inside and out. A two-inch foam mattress gives a foundation of orthopedic-quality support. The two-inch pillow top provides maximum luxury and is easily removable. All three sections can be easily assembled, and they are all accessible via YKK upholstery zippers.


Hot & Cold Pet BedHot & Cold Pet Bed

This therapeutic dog bed provides both cooling relief to an overheated pet and soothing warmth to a chilled or arthritic pet. The time-tested gel packs can be cooled in the freezer or warmed in the microwave. Constructed using a tough, 1000 denier Cordura Nylon outer fabric, and the inside is made using a 10-ounce fiberfill batting. The corners and pockets are protected using a 40-ounce truck tarp material, creating a chew- and scratch-resistant pet bed.


Pup IQ Luxe Dog BedPup IQ Luxe Pup Dog Beds

Pup IQ specializes in making smart pet products for smart pet parents. Differentiate your store with the unrivaled quality of Luxe Pup dog collections. These feature-rich beds are made in the USA by master craftsmen. With features like AdaptaLoft premium fill and Kevlar Smart thread, Luxe Pup beds are not only great-looking but also extremely durable.


luxury lounge bedLuxury Lounge Bed

Handmade and customizable lounge beds soft to the touch and large in size for guaranteed comfort that will elevate pets’ sleeping experience. Baylee Nasco’s high-quality fabrics of various textures and prints are removable with a zipper to be thrown into the wash whenever necessary. American-made design for sturdy and comfortable bed.


quiettime couture pet bedsQuietTime Couture Pet Beds

QuietTime Couture Pet Beds offer the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. They come in a variety of rich colors and patterns in multiple styles, from nesting beds and sofas to luxurious mattresses and crate pads. These machine-washable beds feature hidden zippers, quality stitching and super-soft fabrics.


PrintP.L.A.Y. Snuggle Beds

P.L.A.Y.’s OEKO-TEX certified-safe Snuggle Beds give finicky fur babies the ultimate versatility and comfort. Sewn with dirt-resistant canvas on one side and luxurious faux fur on the other, this convertible bed can be molded into a variety of shapes to meet any pet’s needs and is now available in five colorways.



PuppyHugger cloud9Puppy Hugger Cloud 9 Deluxe

Delighting pets and owners alike with a nod to comfort and style, Puppy Hugger’s Cloud 9 Deluxe bed stands out from the crowd. Fully reversible, its unique two-beds-in-one feature allows you to pick from our 100-plus soft-as-cashmere fabrics and color combos to complement your décor. Handmade in Connecticut, it’s guaranteed to last and promises many years of snuggling.




eluxury dog bedeluxury Orthopedic Dog Bed

Allow your dog to feel calm and relaxed on eluxury’s thick soft/firm reversible comfort natural latex Orthopedic Dog Bed. These comfy dog beds are made for pets of all shapes and sizes. They are designed with calm neutral colors to match any décor. They feature two layers of memory foam: a top layer of gel memory foam and a bottom layer of supportive base foam.


Choco Tent_Soft Pink_PSGChoco Tent

This cozy pet teepee is the ultimate modern oasis for your pet, whether it’s to play or curl up for a nap. Featuring a sustainable construction, the Choco Tent has a chic wood frame and board with circular front opening and removable Top side-Waterproof fabric interior cushion for comfort. It is available in three colors; gray, soft pink and natural beige.


Arlee Bella BedArlee Max Deluxe Lounger

High bolstered side walls and an overstuffed sleep cushion provide the perfect resting place for dogs. The removable and machine washable cover is made of heavyweight quilted velvet in your choice of three sizes and two neutral colors. Each bed has five stuffers filled with quality polyester fiber fill made from 100 percent recycled plastic.


smokeKuranda Bed

Kuranda Beds are easy to clean and guaranteed chew proof for one full year. Elevated design evenly distributes the dog’s weight which eliminates pressure points that cause joint pain. Discounts available to pet professionals. Manufactured and shipped from Maryland.


CAROLINA Pendleton NationalPark KuddlerStackNational Park Collection by Carolina Pet

We want our pets to have the best, so it was only natural that Pendleton quality has been translated to pet products. Carolina Pet presents its Pendleton Pet National Park Collection. As the exclusive licensee for Pendleton Pet, Carolina Pet is exploring innovative twists and ideas that incorporate the Pendleton iconic designs into a pet product line.