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Reptile Care 101

Pet Age Staff//March 1, 2019//

Reptile Care 101

Pet Age Staff //March 1, 2019//

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The number of reptiles kept as pets has increased greatly over the past several years. Over the last decade, more species have become available to herp enthusiasts, more stores are carrying them and more consumer reptile shows are taking place in metropolitan areas.

These are all factors that are contributing to the increase in herp sales. And the demand for these beautiful creatures continues to grow, as well.

However, the rise in the number of pet reptiles comes with an increase in the number of health problems seen in these species due to a lack of owner experience on proper care for these delicate animals. For example, husbandry, or how the animals are kept, is a major problem for reptiles and is related to many health concerns. This is due, in part, to many new reptile owners assuming that all reptiles are cared for in the same way. While a few similar characteristics exist, reptiles actually have a lot of differences that impact their care. There is as much difference between the care of a gecko and a bearded dragon as there is between a dog and a cat.

When it comes to what is required for the proper care of reptiles, it is important for manufacturers and retailers to communicate with consumers about the basics of herp care and the appropriate products that will help these companion pets to thrive in captivity.

These products are the perfect kick-starter for consumers new to the reptile sector. From food and supplements that give reptiles a full-scale nutritional diet to the substrates and plants that cover their terrarium, consumers have all the beginning tools they need to make the perfect habitat for a happy and healthy herp.


PRO ReptoMin Lifestages NutritionPRO ReptoMin Lifestages Nutrition

An innovative floating diet for aquatic turtles, PRO ReptoMin is formulated with digestible odor-blocking technology to maintain a healthier environment for the turtle. Lifestages formulas are scientifically balanced to fulfill the needs of each growth stage: baby, juvenile and adult. Nutrients are easily absorbed, cutting down on waste and odor.


Zoo Med Gourmet_Turtle_FoodZoo Med Gourmet Foods

Zoo Med’s Gourmet Foods combine natural pelleted foods with a medley of dried treats appropriate for each type of animal. Blends include box turtle food with mealworms, mushrooms and strawberries; bearded dragon food with mealworms, blueberries and rose flowers; tortoise food with sweet potatoes, carrots and hibiscus flowers; and aquatic turtle food with shrimp, mealworms and cranberries.






Jurassic Bark 2 packPisces Jurassic Reptile Bark

Pisces Jurassic Reptile Bark is suitable for humidity-loving snakes such as green tree, carpet, Children’s pythons, blue-tongue lizards and some geckos. Australian Cypress is a lightweight bedding. Due to the way it loosely packs within the terrarium, it is ideal for reptiles that enjoy burrowing. Cypress absorbs large amounts of moisture and readily allows for evaporation, translating to higher humidity within the enclosure whilst avoiding damp bedding.


banana cream pie treat mixBanana Cream Pie Treat Mix

Repashy’s Banana Cream Pie is a 70 percent dried fruit, vitamin- and mineral-fortified, sweet and nutritious treat, topper or tasty mix-in for omnivores, herbivores and frugivores. As a gel, Banana Cream Pie makes a great enrichment treat for omnivores that enjoy a bit of fruit in their diet. As a paste or smoothie, it can be fed directly to fruit-loving species as part of a balanced diet. As a topper, it can be sprinkled dry or mixed with water for a dressing-like consistency.





zilla front opening terrariumZilla Front Opening Terrarium

Zilla Front Opening Terrariums provide reptile and amphibian keepers easier access to their pets without the need to move hot lights. The terrariums come with a realistic foam background, removable doors, locking safety pins and top inserts to help keep humidity in the tank. The bottom of the terrarium is watertight to create a false bottom for planted tanks or an aquarium water feature. The top of the terrarium is made with a hinged panel that allows for easy access.



api turtle fixAPI Turtle Fix

API Turtle Fix is a safe, all-natural way to treat topical bacterial infections on the body and limbs of aquatic and semi-aquatic reptiles and amphibians. It rapidly works to repair damaged tissue and open wounds, where fungus may grow. For use with aquatic turtles, newts and aquatic frogs.




K Rex KleanbowlK-Rex KleanBowl

The K-Rex disposable reptile bowl decreases the risk of disease for pets and owners. The steel bowl frame holds a biodegradable, disposable and compostable bowl, and is weighted to prevent tipping. The low profile provides easy access while keeping substrate out of the bowl. This product comes with three Nourish-Pet refill bowls; refill packs available. It is completely reptile safe.




T-Rex Supplements

T-Rex offers a wide range of supplements for reptiles, including 2:1, 2:0 and Bone Aid Microstick. Enriched for better absorption, 2:1 and 2:0 are high-quality calcium supplements that result in better health, strength and longevity. Bone Aid Microstick is an ultra-fine, high-quality calcium that is finely ground, which enables it to stick to crickets, so its absorption is guaranteed.