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KollerCraft to Manufacture API Aquariums

Pet Age Staff//March 19, 2014//

KollerCraft to Manufacture API Aquariums

Pet Age Staff //March 19, 2014//

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KollerCraft, a leader in designing and manufacturing desktop aquariums, announced a new partnership with Mars Fishcare to bring to market innovative aquarium kits and accessories under the API brand.

“We’re thrilled to be manufacturing aquariums under the API brand, as our beliefs in the fish keeping hobby and developing quality products are something both companies embrace and share,” Rand Kollman, vice president of sales and marketing at KollerCraft, said.

API has also developed a new product called Perfect Start™ that will enable beginners to be more successful as they enter the hobby.  This new starter system will be included with API aquarium kits and is expected to reverse the current dropout rate that has remained high in the fish industry for the past ten years.

“These exciting new APIaquarium kits with Perfect Start will make fish keeping easier while keeping tank inhabitants healthier, and will bring about a renewed sense of enthusiasm to the hobby and industry,” Kollman said.

Both Kollercraft and Mars Fishcare research and development teams will work together to identify problem-solving products within the familiar market, such as better filtration in desktop aquariums.  The partnership will focus on fish tanks, equipment, and accessories proudly made in the United States.

Together, Kollercraft and Mars Fishcare bring over 100 years of combined experience in the aquatics industry.