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Innovative and Natural

Pet Age Staff//November 5, 2013//

Innovative and Natural

Pet Age Staff //November 5, 2013//

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We recently sat down with Eric Abbey of Loving Pets to talk about his company’s innovative dog products, including treats, bowls and slow feeders.

Q: Tell us about Loving Pets commitment to creating new and innovative dog products.

Abbey:  Prior to the launch of Loving Pets Corp. in 2005, pet owners were very limited to the all-natural and affordable products on the market. I wanted to change that, and produce healthy, high quality, 100 percent all natural products available to the masses. I never want price to be a barrier for a pet owner to be able to offer their beloved pet the best quality ingredients and great tasting treats. With the launch of our hallmark bowls, the Bella Bowls, we set out to create a durable, easy to clean dish.
In a national search of growing entrepreneurs and small business owners, we are proud to announce that Loving Pets was featured in INC. magazine’s 500 to Watch in 2013 and Loving Pets’ growth will be recognized during an INC event in Washington DC.
I’m proud that staying true to our original mission is part of what we do every day, and we are excited to continue to innovate and create high-quality, healthy and affordable solutions for pet-parents and their pets.

Q:  Loving Pets treats are tested at an independent U.S.-certified lab for both chemical and bacterial contaminants. Why was this important for you to do?

Abbey:   In 2010, we made the decision to start sourcing USA meats, fruits and vegetables, and start manufacturing USA-made treats right here at our headquarters in New Jersey. Our treats are an example that made in the USA, delicious and healthy treats do not mean expensive and based on increased consumer demand to the made in the USA trend, we are excited to expand each year with new combinations for dogs and now for cats too.
Our treats do undergo rigorous quality control checks to ensure that quality is always maintained.

Q: In addition to treats, you also make a variety of bowls and canisters. Tell us about them?

Abbey:  Loving Pets is a leader in the pet industry, dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality, all natural, innovative and affordable pet treats and feeding accessories. With U.S. and international distribution, Loving Pets offers retailers and end-consumers alike a strengthened commitment to quality.
Every product in our ever-growing assortment of patent-pending stainless steel pet feeding bowl collections as well as innovative pet feeding accessories exudes our commitment to quality and affordability.
Consistent with Loving Pets’ founding principles are the fashionable and functional Bella Bowls for dogs and cats. As Loving Pets’ flagship product, Bella Bowls offer pet-parents affordability, quality, function and designs that fit the personal style of pet-parents everywhere.
Loving Pets is excited to launch three new bowl collections: Milano Bowls, Silent Diners and eco-friendly BambùBowls and a new slow feeding accessory called the Gobble Stopper that conveniently fits inside an existing pet bowl.
Aesthetically, a number of Loving Pets’ printed exterior designs on our feeding dishes are copyrighted.
Loving Pets continues to remain at the forefront of innovation, quality and affordability with every product every day.

Q:  Where does your inspiration for your designer collection of Bella Bowls and new Milano Bowls come from?

Abbey: We wanted to provide a range of very affordable bowls that are love inspired, breed inspired and travel inspired.  With a goal of offering bowls to appeal to every pet owner, some bowl designs are playful and whimsical, while others are in colors and patterns to complement a range of home decor from exquisite fleur de lis, dragonflies, and classic argyles.