Getting an Extra Boost

Pet Age Staff//January 7, 2019//

Getting an Extra Boost

Pet Age Staff //January 7, 2019//

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Although reptiles don’t rank at the top of pet ownership in the United States, people who own herps are passionate about these creatures and are dedicated to the well-being of their beloved pets.

Vitamins and minerals are key elements to any diet, providing the nutrients necessary to function well. This is even more vital for reptiles and amphibians because the balance between their diet and maintaining their body temperature is necessary for their healthy lifestyle.

In the wild, reptiles are exposed to more food items that provide them with nutrients they need to survive and stay healthy. Vitamin and calcium supplements give captive reptiles the extra nutrients they cannot get from their diet.

The dosage of supplements should be balanced. For example, calcium is vital for strong bone development in humans and reptiles. Humans can also take a small dosage for indigestion because it neutralizes stomach acids, which are necessary for the digestion and absorption of nutrients. If too much calcium is consumed, the effects will inhibit all necessary absorption and calcify internal organs that can lead to other health issues. This balance of supplement dosing is crucial for reptiles and humans alike, too little or too much of either leads to health issues.

This is why it is important for retailers to be familiar with providing reptiles the right amount of supplements to keep them healthy and their diets nutritious and safe. The best practice would be to offer an array of products that both provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals reptiles require for a balanced diet but also are easy for consumers to use and administer to their pets. Consumers also want to provide their pets with clean supplements. These products offer an assortment of nutrients, can be given easily and feature natural ingredients, many in its purest form. This gives consumers the selection of supplements they need to keep their reptiles and amphibians in their best shape and health.


scout & zoe's calcium powderUltra-Fine Calcium Powder

Scout & Zoe’s ultra-fine calcium powder is full of natural calcium and phosphorous, which reptiles need. This powder is made from USA premium, 100 percent naturally shed elk antler stock. It is calcium in its purest form. When the pet owner is ready to feed their reptile, if the meal is crickets, put the allotted amount of crickets in a bag and add calcium powder to the bag. Shake to coat the crickets and feed. The amount of calcium powder is dependent on the size of the reptile.




jurassiviteJurassiPet Supplements

Most reptile species can use JurassiCal and Jurassivite. JurassiVite provides 14 essential vitamins and 17 trace and ultra-trace minerals recommended by herpetological experts. It provides Vitamin A as beta carotene, and it employs an alfalfa base for enhanced palataibility and nutritive value. JurassiCal is a concentrated phosphorous-free source of calcium for reptiles and amphibians that helps maintain proper Ca:P ratio.






CalciumPlusHyD1.1LbsRepashy All-in-One Supplements

Insectivorous reptiles in captivity have a very limited assortment of commercially bred feeder insects and don’t get the variety found in nature. This is why it’s important to supplement feeder insects by dusting with a quality supplement. Repashy All-in-One supplements contain added vitamins, trace minerals and carotenoids for dusting insects.






TRex (1)T-Rex

T-Rex offers a wide range of supplements for reptiles, including 2:1, 2:0 and Bone Aid Microstick. Enriched for better absorption, 2:1 and 2:0 are high-quality calcium supplements that result in better health, strength and longevity. Bone Aid Microstick is an ultra-fine, high-quality calcium that is finely ground, which enables it to stick to crickets so its absorption is guaranteed.



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