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Food at the Source

Pet Age Staff//August 16, 2019//

Food at the Source

Pet Age Staff //August 16, 2019//

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Transparency started as a popular buzzword for consumers. Now, it is a becoming an expectation. And more and more brands within the industry are growing to meet those needs in new and different ways. This is especially striking a chord with dog-owning consumers and reflecting in their purchases. In fact, according to EDGE Marketing’s analysis of recent American Pet Products Association (APPA) research, dog food makes up nearly 32 percent of pet food sales. And it is well known that consumers on the whole are looking for products that have only the best ingredients.

One of the latest revolutions in the food sector is “Farm to Pet Bowl”. The concept is to integrate food responsibly or sustainably sourced from trusted farms directly to a pet’s bowl to provide them with the nutrition they need, so by-products, downed animals and products deemed inedible are never used. Many brands that contribute to this revolution have USDA-inspected facilities and use one or few ingredients in their products. All of these aspects are revamping the food sector of the industry, and having products readily available to your customers that honor the “Farm to Bowl” revolution will ultimately be beneficial to your bottom line.

But it’s also important to maintain strong customer service. At the end of the day, consumers are looking for products that maintain or strengthen their pet’s quality of life in a way that is healthy and safe. Remember to keep this at the forefront of your business and educate your customers on the ins and outs of this revolution and what it means for their dogs.

These products are all formulated with clean, wholesome ingredients reliably sourced from some of the best farms in the country. But each is prepared differently to cater to the individual needs of the dogs that crave them. Dogs deserve food that is safely sourced, organic and that comes in many mouthwatering flavors.

TruDog Feed Me1Feed Me Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood

Feed Me Freeze-Dried Raw Superfood, available in Beef or Turkey, is made with human-grade cuts of beef or turkey, along with organ meat, bone and blood. No grains. No fillers. No artificial anything added… ever. It’s real, raw meat—the diet Mother Nature intended. From farm to bag in 72 hours or less.





JonesSelect-PureMeatSlicesJones Meat Slices

Jones Select 100% Chicken and 100% Turkey Pure Meat Slices are single-ingredient treats made only from natural chicken and turkey meat. Jones works with trusted suppliers to source all meat products from farmers across the United States. The high-protein treats are oven-baked according to proprietary recipes to ensure maximum flavor and pass strict quality and safety standards before being packaged and distributed to pet specialty retailers nationwide.


PetGuard organic-chicken-vegPetGuard

PetGuard provides the finest, wholesome and all-natural foods to support a dog’s lifelong health and wellness. All of their foods start with the highest quality proteins without any artificial ingredients, by-products or fillers. Plus, the majority of their formulas use single-source proteins and are designed to minimize pet sensitivities.




MPP_Boomers_ChickenBeef_BagMy Perfect Pet

My Perfect Pet offers standard blends of dog food that provide complete and balanced nutrition. Made with all fresh, whole, human-grade ingredients—never any fillers or other processed ingredients—the blends feature gently cooked boneless, skinless meat, fish or poultry, plus a blend of raw vegetables and cranberries to boost a dog’s health and longevity.




Hound Gatos Chicken, Turkey, Lamb - 02Hound & Gatos

Hound & Gatos’ recipes are formulated with 98 percent real meat—like cage-free chicken, cage-free turkey or grass-fed lamb—as the No. 1 ingredient, not overly processed, rendered meat meals. Plus, a spectrum of healthy superfoods like blueberries, cranberries and dandelion greens. The result is a great-tasting, limited-ingredient diet.


Nulo freeze-driedNulo Freeze-Dried Raw

At Nulo, we recognize the importance of a well-rounded diet. While our Freeze-Dried Raw foods for dogs are predominantly meat-based (up to 83 percent meat, organs and bone), we include fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from U.S. farms like apples, cranberries, kale and butternut squash to deliver a mixture of fiber types and natural antioxidants. Our raw ingredients are quickly frozen and gently freeze-dried to lock in nutrient retention and flavor.


Orijen -six-fish-13lb-front1ORIJEN Six Fish

Six Fish is made with 85 percent whole and wild caught fish, supplied primarily by Norpel fishery in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Two-thirds of the fish ingredients are raw (frozen) and are without any synthetic preservatives. Six Fish is an excellent example of Champion Petfoods’ Biologically Appropriate mission: pet food designed to match the eating anatomy and physiology of dogs and cats. The recipe contains wild mackerel, herring, monkfish, redfish, flounder and silver hake.





wholesome-mutt-group-transparentWholesome Mutt’s Organic

Treats made from carefully selected, USDA-certified organic ingredients, sourced directly from farms and baked in small batches. No wheat, corn or soy. Wholesome combination of delicious flavors, including Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Ginger and Apple Cinnamon. Available in two sizes: 13 ounce or 4 pounds (except Apple Cinnamon).


New England Naturals lamb-duck-sticksNew England Naturals

Feed dogs the New England Way! Just real, protein-rich food thoughtfully sourced from local farms and baked in small batches to ensure the highest quality. These wholesome treats are designed with a dog’s health in mind. What makes these tasty treats even better is that New England Naturals is a certified B Corporation. As a for­-benefit corporation, we use our business as a force for good, donating profits to help shelters and animal rescues.




ACANA appalachian-front-13lb1ACANA Appalachian Ranch

Using fresh Bison supplied by Bluegrass Bison in Shelbyville, Kentucky, Appalachian Ranch is made with 70 percent meat and fish, of which 50 percent is fresh or raw. It is made with ranch-raised beef, grass-fed lamb, Yorkshire pork, plains bison and freshwater catfish. Appalachian Ranch features whole-prey ratios of muscle meat, organs and edible bones and cartilage to provide optimal levels of bio-available nutrients.





CARU daily dish flavorsCaru Daily Dish

Daily Dish stews are made in a U.S. facility with human-grade ingredients and are completely grain-free. The BPA-free sustainable packaging keeps stews fresh without preservatives and is made from up to 70 percent renewable materials.