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Featured: Flea and Tick Solutions for which Cat Owners will be Thankful

It’s interesting to note that when it comes to advertising flea and tick products, the focus is primarily on dogs. However, according to research done by the Hartz Mountain Corporation, cats in fact suffer more flea and tick problems than dogs. This is attributed to the fact that cats are very successful at grooming themselves […]

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Feline Supplement Selection Grows

Copycatting the human trend in supplements to improve general health and well-being, the selection of products for cat health continues to grow. Success, of course, depends a lot on how easy they are to administer and how their palatability overrides feline fussiness. Heidi Nevala, founder and president of Natura Petz Organics said her company has […] Read More →

Goodbye Cans? Wet Food Packaging is Getting a Re-design

When it comes to wet cat food, is the can becoming an obsolete form of packaging? Time will tell. But for now, cans are getting some serious competition from Tetra Pak cartons, pouches and plastic cups that offer individual meal portions. Petcurean, the family-owned pet food company headquartered in Canada, is one of the first […] Read More →

Litter Options

Any retailer who has attended a major trade show in the past year will no doubt be familiar with the sight of Ricky the Rescue Cat driving his navy blue car around the trade show floor promoting Cats Incredible litter that bears his likeness on the bag. It’s turned out to be a great ploy […] Read More →

Feeding Cats for a Better Life

Feline nutrition is a work in progress as scientists and researchers continue the quest to provide the right formulas to feed senior cats and also address the increasing problem of feline obesity. Consequently, there are some very innovative recipes on the market that deserve shelf placement in the pet specialty marketplace. Backed by a pioneering […] Read More →

Products that Help Owners Battle Hairballs

Hairballs: cat owners know only too well problems regarding ingested hair and its subsequent projectile ejection around the home as well as any medical issues that can ensue. Although National Hairball Awareness Day is celebrated on the last Friday in April, every day is hairball day in many feline households due to the fact that […] Read More →

The Key to Clean: Dental Hygiene for Cats

Dental hygiene remains paramount for good overall feline health. Apart from the issues of periodontal disease, bacteria left unattended in the mouth, when ingested internally, can lead to various life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, and liver and kidney failure. Although February has been designated Pet Dental Month, more pet owners are being educated about […] Read More →

Playtime is All the Time

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and it’s certainly been the impetus in developing interactive cat toys to give felines that have an indoor lifestyle the mental and physical stimulation needed for their overall well-being. The inspiration for the Petzi treat cam from pet technology company Petzila was co-founder Simon Milner’s cat, Cilla. The company’s name was originally PetCilla and morphed into Petzila. […] Read More →

Out and About

By Eric Stenson Celebrities, models and urban dwellers alike often can be seen toting around small dogs in purses or other carriers made just for that purpose. Cats can get into the act, as well, making the scene on the red carpet or just being carried about town, strolled down the street or accompanying its owner on travel excursions, thanks to carriers and strollers. David […] Read More →

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