Supplements Offer A Little Extra Love by Reducing Pain and More

Sandy Robins//July 17, 2018//

Supplements Offer A Little Extra Love by Reducing Pain and More

Sandy Robins //July 17, 2018//

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Doting pet parents often ask, “What supplements should I be giving my pets? And more importantly, from what age?” Heidi Nevala, president and founder of Natura Petz Organics, says those are good questions to be asking.

“The reality is that much like people, our pets often benefit from a more singular approach. So if there are areas of health or well-being that you are concerned about for your pet, work with an expert who can help build a ‘regimen’ specific to your pet’s unique biological wellness needs,” Nevala said. “I like to suggest Adaptogen supplements because they tend to offer more broad-based support in helping to maintain health and building body reserves, identifying dysfunction and imbalance, working to restore homeostasis while also helping address the long term, individual health needs of your pet.”

Body Bliss, a plant-based Omega 3 and 6 nutritional supplement produced by the brand for all canines in all life stages is a general supplement with benefits that focus on healthy joints as well as the immune system, heart, brain, skin and coat.

“It has a 96 percent digestibility rate, without the rancidity and toxicity concerns common to omega supplements,” Nevala explained. “It can be used safely and healthily for all life stages of dogs over their life time.”

Lorin Grow, owner of Furry Face in Redlands, California, agrees that a conversation about supplements can be had at any time, even starting at puppyhood.

“A lot has to do with the size of the dog,” Grow said. “Bigger dogs are more prone to joint issues. I recently had a customer with a 7-month-old German shepherd puppy that was growing so quickly, the dog was suffering from growing pains.

“It’s important for dog owners to start sooner rather than later because, that way, they are offering supplementation. If a problem degenerates, then there is nothing there to supplement and you are dealing with pain management issues,” she explained. “There are many wellness issues that can be properly treated with the correct holistic and wellness products.”

Grow hosts regular wellness seminars at her store, inviting holistic veterinarians to talk and offer hands-on advice to customers.

Make a Grand Entrance
These days, the topic of joint health has become almost synonymous with CBD products derived from hemp products.

“They have made a grand entrance into the pet space,” Nevala said. “I believe it’s here to stay. The potential therapeutic, nutritional and biochemical benefits it may impart makes it quite possibly one of the most dynamic health components you can add to your pet’s diet.

“CBD tends to assimilate quickly in the body, helping to deliver visible results quickly in the well-being of pets,” she added. “CBD has shown to have a special affinity for common conditions which affect our pets, including anxiety, pain, inflammation, degenerative conditions such as joint decline as well as benefits for neurological disorders, irregular tissues and immune, cardiovascular and memory support.”

Nevala believes that with more time and study, CBD derived from hemp will be recognized as an adaptogenic plant. Adaptogens function like “body readers” in that they may help identify dysfunction and imbalance and work nutritionally and phyto-chemically to restore balance.

“CBD may help perform auto-sensing and self-regulating corrections within the body, to help restore balance, which is priceless in both cases where diseases and conditions are known or unknown,” she explained. “We utilize a revolutionary, patented, water vapor extraction process which creates a nutritionally and phyto-chemically diverse, rich CBD product. Our plants are exposed to heat for two seconds, rather than hours, and our extraction process allows us to deliver over 100 known cannabinoids, a 2.49 percent terpene count—the highest in the world—as well as a consistent, activated oil in every batch, every time, ensuring the purest, most concentrated and nutrient-dense, organic and all-natural, truly full spectrum CBD product. We are also a fully sustainable, zero-waste, energy-free and USDA Organic facility, including our plants and all processes.

“In order for your pet to experience the potential myriad of health and wellness indications associated with CBD, you must deliver a truly full spectrum CBD product, meaning it must contain the full array of cannabinoids, not a single CBD isolate, as well as all beneficial, naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids,” she said.

One very comforting factor related to new pet supplements now emerging on the shelf is the enormous amount of research backing these products—and companies are going to great lengths to focus on this fact for consumers.

The Endexx Corporation based in Arizona has released a new and improved formula for its Phyto-Bites soft chew treats, a CBD-infused formula to promote the reduction of pain and inflammation as well as separation anxiety.

This new advanced formula now includes coconut oil and sweet potato. And further, all sugar has been removed from its ingredients.

“Our delivery and dosing achieve significant therapeutic value that is measurable and work with the entire endocannabinoid system,” explained Todd Davis, chief executive officer. “It is a dual delivery platform that stimulates both the CB1 and CB2 receptors. Oil drops alone primarily stimulate CB1. The other all-natural ingredients in the formula support the reduction of inflammation, improve immune function, reduce pain, and reduce stress and anxiety.

“Phyto-Bites soft chews are never heated, thus maintaining the integrity of all plant based molecules in the formula,” he said. “We have tested other delivery methods currently available on the market and they did not perform as well and as broadly across the full endocannabinoid system spectrum.”

Limited-Ingredient Options
The Missing Link has added a new limited-ingredient kelp formula to its superfood supplement line-up.
The new Missing Link Pet Kelp product is made from kelp harvested off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.

“This superfood ingredient is so packed with vital nutrients, it allowed us to make a powdered supplement for dogs (and cats) with limited ingredients, ideal for all pets, especially those needing an easy-to-digest diet,” said Ken Wilks, sales and marketing director for the pet care division of W.F. Young, Inc. “We believe that such limited-ingredient supplements harness the power of one of nature’s most effective superfoods to help fill the nutritional void left by many commercial pet foods.”

Kelp has long been understood to support overall wellness and help build strong bones, providing proper joint support and improving joint stiffness resulting from normal exercise and canine activities.

According to Lee Phillips, president of Vibrant Pets in Berryville, Virginia, all the products in the company’s supplement line up contain natural ingredients with no additional flavorings.

“Our Senior Complete formula is an immune booster formulated to aid both common and chronic health issues such as digestion problems, skin and coat issues and can help boost energy levels. Application is easy, as the product can be sprinkled over wet, dry and even homemade foods and doesn’t require refrigeration,” he said.

The company also produces a supplement called Canine Athlete designed for high energy and active dogs.

Vet’s Best products has also included kelp in its Seasonal Allergy Relief soft chews and tablets that are part of its OptiLife3 line. Apart from the kelp, it also contains nettle leaf, quercetin, perilla leaf extract, biotin and vitamin E to support histamine levels and skin moisture that result from seasonal allergies, a common problem that plagues dogs countrywide.