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By: Erik J. Martin  –  September 1, 2014
Supplements and medications worth stocking.
By: Erik J. Martin  –  August 5, 2014
Carrying a variety of snakes can boost business.

Leaving a Legacy

Steps must be taken to make sure future generations enjoy the same reptiles we do.

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Reptile Food

Feeding your bottom line more than you may realize.


Turtle Abodes Turn Versatile

Exploring the latest habitats for aquatic turtles and tortoises.


Reptile Merchandising

How to best showcase your reptiles for maximum sales.


Dish Wish List

Wider choice of herp bowls and feeders avalaible to entice consumers.


The Ball Python

From ancient Egypt to your local pet store, the evolution of this fascinating snake is amazing.


World Turtle Day Puts Spotlight on Unique Pets

Days like this help bring attention to a category of pets that are sometimes overlooked.


Reptile University

How great staff training can make, or break, your live animal sales.


Tidier Terrariums: Reptile Cleaning Products

More reptile cleaning products available than ever before.

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The Scale Count: An Interview With Phil Goss

The President of USARK explains the work the group does.


The Veiled Chameleon

This often misunderstood reptile can do big things for a store.

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Into the Great Wide Open

Outdoor reptile habitats provide basking benefits, mobility


The Scale Count: Your Pet’s Legality

Proposed legislation could impact the reptile hobby.


Keeping the Right Inventory to Avoid Lost Sales

How to best keep reptiles so your customers keep coming back.


Colorful Foundations

Latest substrate products are available in a variety of materials.

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