Walkin’ Pets Gives Mobility Back to Rescued Animals

Pet Age Staff//March 29, 2019//

Walkin’ Pets Gives Mobility Back to Rescued Animals

Pet Age Staff //March 29, 2019//

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Press release: Walkin’ Pets

Walkin’ Pets by HandicappedPets.com specializes in creating mobility devices for all disabled and injured animals. When they learned about the Live and Let Live Farm Rescue in Chichester, NH they knew they wanted to help.

Teresa Paradis, Founder and Executive Director of the Live and Let Live Farm Rescue, has devoted her life to assisting animals in crisis situations. The farm provides care and compassion, helping both farm and domestic animals to find forever homes whenever possible.

Recently the farm rescued two animals in extreme circumstances and in need of extraordinary care. Ruby a small, 8-week old Nigerian Dwarf goat, was born on an extremely cold day. Found hours after her birth, Ruby was ice cold and severely frost bitten. Her rear legs were so damaged they required immediate amputation in order to save her life. Surrendered around the same time is a senior Coonhound named Aubie. Suffering from a torn ACL, Aubie requires an expensive surgery. Possibly pregnant, Aubie’s surgery is on hold until her condition can be confirmed; if pregnant she will have to wait until after the puppies are born. While she waits for surgery, Aubie is in pain and unable to support her weight on her back leg. Both Aubie and Ruby will need expensive care and the rescue needed help.

Walkin’ Pets knew they could help and immediately contacted the rescue. Offering guidance and support, Walkin’ Pets offered to donate two Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs to help get the animals back on their feet. Walkin’ Pets hand delivered the wheelchairs to the rescue. Taking the time to perfectly fit Aubie and Ruby’s new wheelchairs and get them moving again. Fully supported for the first time since her injury, Aubie took to her wheelchair right away! She’s running around like a puppy again! Walkin’ Pets is proud to be able to help Ruby and Aubie and give them the second chance at life they’ve earned. With the help of their new wheelchairs both animals are on the road to finding their forever homes.


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