Treat Brand Nature Gnaws Announces Donation of Natural Dog Chews to 22 Rescue Shelters

By Pet Age Staff//March 5, 2024//

Treat Brand Nature Gnaws Announces Donation of Natural Dog Chews to 22 Rescue Shelters

By: Pet Age Staff//March 5, 2024//

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Nature Gnaws, a leading provider of natural dog chews and treats, recently announced its support for the well-being of sheltered dogs across the nation. In a heartfelt commitment to canine health and happiness, Nature Gnaws has donated a substantial quantity of its premium natural dog chews to 22 rescue shelters through their pawsitive impact program, Gnaw it Forward.

The donation underscores Nature Gnaws’ dedication to providing nutritious and enjoyable treats to dogs in need. Recognizing the challenges faced by rescue shelters, Nature Gnaws aims to make a positive impact on the lives of these animals by offering high-quality, all-natural chews that promote dental health and anxiety relief.

“We believe that every dog, regardless of their circumstances, deserves access to wholesome and natural treats that contribute to their physical and mental health,” said Steve Mamak, CEO at Nature Gnaws. “This donation to these 22 rescue shelters is a testament to our commitment to supporting organizations that work tirelessly to provide a better life for dogs in need.”

The natural dog chews provided by Nature Gnaws are responsibly sourced and made from single and limited ingredients. These chews not only serve as a tasty treat for dogs but also contribute to their dental and mental health by promoting natural chewing instincts.

Dona Hall from the Grateful Heart Senior Dog Rescue expressed gratitude for the donation, emphasizing the positive impact the treats have on the well-being of the senior dogs under her care, adding that “they are quite a hit around here and everyone got more than their share, that’s for sure.”


(Photo of Cap courtesy Grateful Hearts Senior Dog Rescue)