Petco Love Provides Shots to Free Clinics for National Pet Vaccination Month

By Pet Age Staff//February 29, 2024//

Petco Love Provides Shots to Free Clinics for National Pet Vaccination Month

By: Pet Age Staff//February 29, 2024//

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Retailer Petco’s nonprofit Petco Love is supplying vaccines to animal welfare organizations across the country, enabling them to hold free clinics in their communities for National Pet Vaccination Month in March.

Under its “Vaccinated and Loved” campaign, Petco Love aims to enhance access to care for pets nationwide, especially in regions where deadly diseases are more prevalent  during the spring and summer months.

“The best way for pet parents to keep their pets healthy and safe from diseases is making sure they are up to date on recommended vaccines,” said Dr. Whitney Miller, DVM, MBA, DACVPM, Petco’s chief veterinarian and Petco Love board member. “No pet parent wants to see their pets suffer, especially from a disease that could have been prevented, and we know vaccines save pets lives.”

Since its launch in 2021, Petco Love’s Vaccinated and Loved campaign has encouraged animal welfare partners to hold free vaccine clinics. During this time, the organization has distributed over 2.2 million vaccines and surveyed pet parents attending these clinics.

Results of these surveys show that only 34 percent of respondents reported their pets had received similar vaccines before, with 41 percent relying on vaccine clinics for this service. Additionally, 40 percent of respondents stated their pets had never visited a private veterinarian, and only 27 percent take their pets for annual check-ups.

The Vaccinated and Loved initiative works with partner organizations to host free vaccine clinics. Petco Love says that it aims to continue its efforts by distributing an additional one million vaccines to partner shelters and rescues.

Vaccination Clinics are regularly hosted at 200 Vetco Total Care full-service hospitals within Petco pet care centers and at select Lowe’s locations.