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The Grooming Sector Will Thrive During, After Pandemic

Glenn Polyn//December 31, 2020//

The Grooming Sector Will Thrive During, After Pandemic

Glenn Polyn //December 31, 2020//

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, many have been taking note of which industries have remained strong despite the recession. The pet industry has often been labeled as “recession-proof,” or at the very least, “recession-resistant.” But one sector in particular has really had the chance to shine throughout all the uncertainty.

The grooming sector is one that has remained vibrant despite the challenges of the pandemic. While Scenthound was able to stay open throughout COVID-19 restrictions because of the importance of preventive care, even groomers that were temporarily shut down last year bounced back quickly with long lines upon reopening. Pet parents have made it clear: grooming is something every dog needs, and not even a pandemic can stop that.


Times of Crisis

When evaluating success during the pandemic, it’s hard to look at the pet industry as a whole. With so many different sectors, not all pet businesses are created equal, especially now. With less people traveling and many people still working from home, businesses that offer dog boarding or walking are not as resilient to current conditions as groomers or pet retailers, who offer essential products or services that are critical even during times like these.

A good grooming offers the preventive care necessary to keep your dog clean and healthy, and groomers that make sure their customers know this are the ones that will thrive. As the founder of a grooming franchise, I have found that the biggest hill to climb is educating people on the importance of routine care. Grooming is so much more than just a haircut and needs to include skin, coat, ears, nails, and tooth care. We have created a membership-based model that puts wellness first, and educating our customers is the best thing we can do to get them to come back on a regular basis. When customers can see positive results, they will return again and again.


New Companions

When the first wave hit, shelters were cleared out nationwide as demand for a companion skyrocketed during quarantine. This pandemic “puppy pandemonium” propelled growth for pet businesses that provided new owners with necessary products and services. As more people become pet parents across the country, they will be needing to find pet businesses that are open and ready to take care of their new family member, even in a pandemic. While the rise in pet parents will eventually help all types of pet businesses across the country, the ones who are really going to feel the effects right now are the essential businesses that are helping families take care of their new dog.


More Time at Home

As we spend more time at home, we are also spending more time with our pets. We are navigating through a difficult time and relying on our dogs for joy and emotional support. As our bond with our pets is strengthening, pet parents are also getting the opportunity to connect with their dogs and notice more about them. Maybe while you are working at home with your dog on your lap, you notice that their breath is really bad, and then you wonder when was the last time they had their teeth cleaned. Maybe being at home more has helped you take closer note to how they walk on the hard floors, and how their nails are getting too long that it looks uncomfortable. Or maybe nothing has changed and your dog is perfectly healthy, but you are feeling particularly grateful for your loving pet and want to make sure that they are as clean as possible.

Being at home is allowing us to connect with our dogs on a more personal level, and a good grooming can remove any barriers between people and their dogs. At our grooming locations, we have noticed more people paying closer attention to their dogs’ conditions and overall wellness. At a time when health is on the brain for everyone, the grooming sector will continue to thrive and keep dogs healthy and clean. While we hope to see positive trends in the pet industry as a whole, the critical role that grooming plays in a dog’s overall health and wellness makes it clear that no matter what happens, the grooming sector will continue to thrive.