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Sophisticated Designs: Hiddin Products Look Attractive, Minimize Pet Anxiety

Glenn Polyn//May 8, 2023//

Sophisticated Designs: Hiddin Products Look Attractive, Minimize Pet Anxiety

Glenn Polyn //May 8, 2023//

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Hiddin was founded on the idea that pet items don’t need to be unattractive in order to be functional. Designed to elevate a home’s modern look, Hiddin’s line of functional home furnishings that include pet gates, crates, playpens, beds and feeders are made from the highest quality lucite and handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Pet Age recently spoke with Hiddin founder/CEO Tracey Butler to learn more about her collection of modern, clear acrylic pet furniture.


How did your background contribute to you launching Hiddin in 2021?

Prior to launching Hiddin in 2021, I had a successful career as an interior designer in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area, servicing high end clients in the design of their primary and secondary homes. This gave me an unusual opportunity to see how families and pet owners lived together, and how difficult it was to find modern, unobtrusive pet accessories. As an interior designer, I would go back to my client’s homes to photograph the home for a magazine only to walk in and find plastic child gates, metal crates and bright color plastic feeding bowls that detracted from the interior. So, I started designing clear lucite alternatives to these standard pet items myself from clear acrylic pet gates, lucite pet crates and various clear feeding stands for chic, sophisticated metal bowls. Client by client, word of mouth spread that there was finally an attractive alternative to standard pet items, and Hiddin was founded. As customers integrated Hiddin items in their homes, we noticed that the pets really loved them as well. Today, Hiddin’s clear pet products are known as a kinder way to contain a pet because they give a clear view for both the pet and pet parent alike.


Why should Hiddin be considered a disruptor in the pet industry?

Hiddin is most definitely a disruptor in the pet industry because of its modern, simple, practically invisible, architectural design approach to traditional pet products. Hiddin has taken unattractive pet products like plastic barrier gates, metal crates and plastic pet feeders and transformed those same products into clear and functional design pieces. With an emphasis on your pet and how you want to include him or her in your home, Hiddin pet products give your pet an unobstructed view of you and your home while also providing the same functionality and security that more harsh products provide. With Hiddin, your pet relaxes, has less separation anxiety and the pet parent feels less guilt because there are no more harsh metal bars or cumbersome child gates. Finally, you and your pets have a more civilized and stylish way to live together.


How do your products have a beneficial effect on pets?

Because Hiddin pet products are made almost entirely of clear acrylic, they give your pet an unobstructed, window-like view of you and your home, even if your pet is gated or crated. The proven effect of our clear pet gates, crates and playpens is that your pet relaxes, is calm, and feels less separation anxiety. Much like a window, our customers tell us that their dog lays down and just looks through our products; doesn’t challenge or scratch at the gates or crates. The guilt that pet parents feel when they barricade or crate their dogs is now gone now because they know that their pet is in clear view of the family.


Why is it important that Hiddin’s production is done in the United States?

It is important that the Hiddin product line is domestically produced because it allows us to oversee and maintain the highest level of quality. Every piece is handmade, with polished edges and laser cut exactness. Domestic production also allows us to customize any of our products so that we can meet our customers’ needs. Finally, Hiddin believes that fine quality and affordable pricing are not mutually exclusive; we can produce here in the U.S.A. with top quality and reasonable pricing.