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My Story: Catching up with Nina Bull, Manager of Member & Attendee Engagement, PIDA

By Pet Age Staff//July 1, 2024//

My Story: Catching up with Nina Bull, Manager of Member & Attendee Engagement, PIDA

By: Pet Age Staff//July 1, 2024//

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Nina Bull is the manager of member and attendee engagement for the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA), which was organized in 1968 for the purpose of promoting progress within the pet industry and to conduct programs and activities on behalf of the wholesaler-distributor. Bull manages all aspects of meeting registrations, collections, membership, sponsorships and coordinating directly with the needs of PIDA members/non-members.

There’s more to her, and that’s why Pet Age recently contacted Bull to learn more about her story.


What can you tell us about your career in the pet industry?

I’ve worked with the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA) since May 2008, when I started at King Stringfellow Group as a part-time Association Coordinator. Working on PIDA membership and aspects of the Pet Industry Leadership Summit like sponsorships, attendee registration, and attendee engagement. For Pet Store Pro, PIDA’s premier employment development platform for independent pet retailers, attending Distributor Shows and retailers customer service. I love what I do and love the pet industry. How can anyone be unhappy in the pet industry? Especially when you attend a Trade Show where you see and play with dogs and other animals. There is nothing better I can ask for when you are standing in your booth waiting for the day to end.


When did you become a fan of country line dancing?

In high school when I was working at Montgomery Wards, several of my colleagues knew I loved to dance and convinced me to go country line dancing. They went every Tuesday night and kept saying it’s all you can drink and eat for $20. Well, I was hooked, and not because of the All You Can Drink”. That was back in the early 90’s. It’s been now a couple of years since I went country line dancing. Since COVID, the place I used to go to closed but I definitely want to start going again. One because it’s great fun learning new dances, hanging out with friends, and meeting new people, and second it is definitely a great workout.


Why was it a special occasion when a Chinese Crested dog entered your life?

I never went searching for a Chinese Crested she sort of fell into our laps once we decided to adopt a dog. Our kids had been begging for a dog forever and my daughter even created a PowerPoint on why having a dog was so great and everything she could do to help take care of the dog if she had a dog of her own. That actually was a school project that she got an “A” for a grade. Her teacher even told me that she would be surprised if we didn’t adopt a dog after that presentation she gave in class.

We started by visiting local rescues and adoption events. Then we saw a picture of this white fluffy dog with messy hair, and she stole our hearts. Looking up her information we found out she is a Powered Puff Chinese Crested. (basically, means she has hair) The next evening after work, my family and I drove 1.5 hours to adopt her. Driving home we were already in love with her, and I asked what we should name her and one name that came up was Luna (which means moon in Italian) because it was a full moon that night. But somehow the kids chose Mia as her name. And even though she was supposed to be the kid’s dog (family dog), she clearly is my dog and baby girl.


What is your favorite travel destination and why?

My favorite destination is Italy. For me, it’s not only a beautiful place but I still have family that lives in Italy, most family is in Sicily, and when I return, my favorite part is simply visiting with my family. We are loud and happy; we just talk for hours as we enjoy meals together. I’m due to go back since this has been the longest time period since I visited 10 years ago. But with Skype and now Zoom we can talk frequently. Facebook is great too because we can share daily events that we would not necessarily have seen or shared on Zoom.

Interesting fact most people don’t know but I have dual citizenship, actually my brother and I both do. Every election I receive notification on how I can vote for the current election. I am a first-generation born in America. Both my parents wanted a better life and opportunity for the family they were planning to start.

Another fun fact is that my father’s grandfather and grandmother had also moved to America arriving through Ellis Island. Starting their future family in America my great-grandmother died during childbirth and that’s when my great-grandfather decided to move back to Sicily, Italy.


What actress would you want to portray you in a movie about your life?

I would say Linda Cardellini. I love her in movies like “Dead to Me” and “Daddy’s.” The roles she plays are corky and nice and is always trying to be very helpful; trying to do the right thing.