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May 8, 2023

Five Questions: Kevin Duck, Founder of DuckyWorld Cat Products

Minnesota-based DuckyWorld has generated a name for itself by creating a wide range of quirky catnip-stuffed toys, from sardines to cigars to the ever popular ‘Pollock Fish, which is the brand’s interpretation of the Pollock fish in the ocean if painted by Jackson Pollock. Pet Age recently spoke with the company’s founder/owner, Kevin Duck.   […]

Apr 1, 2023

Five Questions: Lanny Viegut, CEO of Vital Essentials, Carnivore Meat Co.

Carnivore Meat Company has been a leader and innovator in producing raw frozen and freeze-dried pet foods and treats since CEO Lanny Viegut founded the company in Green Bay in 2012. Pet Age recently spoke with Viegut to learn how he’s positioned Vital Essentials to be a leader of the raw, freeze-dried category.   Growing […]

Mar 1, 2023

Five Questions: Steve Ball, CEO of North America at H&H Group

Health & Happiness (H&H) Group made big news in 2021 when it agreed to acquire Zesty Paws for $610 million. The sale highlighted the growth potential for products designed to make pets healthier and happier. Sales of pet supplements are expected to easily exceed $1 billion by 2025, according to industry reports. Pet Age recently […]

Feb 1, 2023

Five Questions: Compana Pet Brands CEO Greg Pearson

In early January, Greg Pearson was named CEO of Compana Pet Brands. A seasoned and proven executive with deep experience leading and transforming consumer businesses, Pearson brings a wealth of experience in pet products ot Compana, having spent three years at Chewy.com, the leading online retailer for pet food and pet-related products. Pet Age recently […]

Jan 1, 2023

Five Questions: Adam Baker, Founder of SodaPup

SodaPup is a veteran-owned business committed to the revitalization of American manufacturing. Founded by Adam Baker, SodaPup manufactures its line of dog products in the U.S.A. from safe and durable FDA-compliant materials. Pet Age recently spoke with Baker to learn his views on dog products and how he connects with consumers.   Why did you choose […]

Oct 1, 2022

Five Questions: NASC Founder & President Bill Bookout

The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) is a nonprofit trade association that promotes the health and well-being of companion animals and horses that are given animal health supplements by their owners, and to protect and enhance the animal health supplement industry. As part of its ongoing effort to improve and standardize the animal health supplement […]

Sep 1, 2022

Meet Ira Slovin, Fauna Foods Corporation Founder & President

Fauna Foods Corp. has earned a glowing reputation over the years as the distributor has been meticulously choosing the best pet products for clients, which include stores, veterinarians, groomers and more in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The company has helped raise the standard for products in the pet care industry. Pet Age recently […]

Aug 1, 2022

Five Questions: Primal Pet Foods Founder Matt Koss

Pet Age recently spoke with Matt Koss, founder of Primal Pet Foods, to learn about the brand’s history and his plans for the future.   What did you bring to the pet industry when you started Primal Pet Foods in 2001?   When I started Primal, I wanted to create a solution for what I had […]

Jul 1, 2022

Five Questions: Meet Spencer Williams, West Paw Founder & CEO

Pet Age recently spoke with Spencer Williams, CEO of West Paw, to find out more about his view of the pet care industry, sustainability and his brand’s relationship with consumers.   What’s your view on how brands can be a force for good in the pet industry and consumers?  Pet brands have a unique opportunity […]

May 1, 2022

Five Questions: Meet Pure & Natural Pet Founder Beth Sommers

Pure and Natural Pet is a brand that provides pet parents with a healthier solution in grooming and wellness products that are USDA Certified Organic, USA-Made and Cruelty-Free. Pet Age recently spoke with its founder, Beth Sommers.   What was your vision for Pure & Natural Pet when you founded the company in 2015? My […]

Apr 1, 2022

Five Questions: Portland Pet Food Founder Kate McCarron

Pet Age recently spoke with Kate McCarron, founder of Portland Pet Food Company, a family-owned and operated pet brand located in the Pacific Northwest.    Why is it important to you that your food and treats are sourced and made in the U.S.A.?  To begin with, we know that sourcing and making our products in […]


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