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A Better Treat Pet Brand Focuses on Health, Transparency, Quality Ingredients

By Pet Age Staff//August 1, 2023//

A Better Treat Pet Brand Focuses on Health, Transparency, Quality Ingredients

By: Pet Age Staff//August 1, 2023//

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The freeze-drying process is growing in popularity among consumers who are attracted to how it removes preservatives and additives from the production of their pet’s food and treats. According to A Better Treat, a brand that incorporates freeze drying into its production, the method retains over 61 percent more vitamins and minerals compared to dehydration or cooking so each treat is not only tasty but maximizes the nutritional benefit. Pet Age recently spoke with Julie Chen, head of strategy for A Better Treat, to learn how the small, family-owned business follows the philosophy of making quality its top priority. 


As a newer brand in the industry, how does A Better Treat separate itself from other freeze-dried treat and food brands? 

Pet parents see their pets as a part of their families and want to provide them with the same quality food they would eat themselves. This means higher quality and minimally processed ingredients. We pride ourselves in having the highest quality sourcing (wild caught, free range, grass fed, organic) free from harmful contaminants, additives and fillers. We also differentiate ourselves by keeping ingredients in their recognizable form. I see many other brands use freeze dried coatings, pellets and patties that are not distinguishable. Our customers love that they can see the salmon skin and chicken meat fibers. We’re providing full transparency for pet parents to see the quality of ingredients they’re feeding their pets. 


Why create dog food that combines high-protein kibble with freeze-dried animal protein and vegetables? 

A Better Dog Food is one of our most unique products and was created through the lens of a consumer. As a pet parent, the only difference you can see between a low-quality and high-quality kibble is the price of the bag. We created A Better Dog Food to not only keep the kibble standard high (we beat other brand’s high protein dog food formulas), but also incorporate freeze-dried chunks of salmon or chicken, broccoli and air-dried carrots. They also provide an irresistible nutrient boost and act as a food topper that can make even the pickiest dog excited. In fact, my dog Kai is a very picky eater. He would often have leftover food in his bowl that got added to his next mealtime and would even spit out treats he didn’t like (not your typical lab behavior). However, when I started feeding A Better Dog Food to Kai, there was no more coaxing, I could always count on him to lick his bowl clean. 


How would you describe the consumer that A Better Treat was designed for? 

A Better Treat was designed for pet parents who value transparency and prioritize quality ingredients. Pet parents who shop for grass-fed, free-range and organic products themselves are looking for pet products that extend high quality sourcing to their pets. We are a health-focused company and take great care before releasing new products. Our customers can always rely on A Better Treat to be nutrient dense, made in the U.S.A., premium sourced and free from harmful additives and fillers. 


What can pet retailers expect from a partnership with your brand? 

As a family-owned business, pet retailers can expect a personal touch working with us. We take pride in the quality of our products and have a strong commitment to customer service. We support our retail partners with POP materials such as shelf talkers and video cards and live education sessions. We are always open to feedback on how we can provide better support. Because we are not VC-backed, we’re able to stay in control of what we do and have more flexibility. We never want to lose sight of why we started A Better Treat and are focused on creating meaningful relationships with our partners.  


What’s next for A Better Treat?  

We just released our newest product, USDA Organic Freeze-Dried Pumpkin Dog and Cat Treats. It is the first freeze dried, organic pumpkin treat on the market, making it a great alternative to messy powders or pumpkin purees. The cube shape of our treats makes them versatile and convenient for our customers to use. This includes using them during times of diarrhea/constipation, adding them as a meal topper or mixer to ease food transition, as a low-calorie training reward (.2 kcal/treat), or simply as a tasty, prebiotic treat. We’ve been taste testing them ourselves. We launched the treat at Global Pet Expo and received extremely positive feedback from retailers at the show. We’re so excited to make this healthy, resealable, shelf-stable pumpkin treat accessible to pet parents. In addition to this exciting new product launch, I’m heavily focused on our retail channels. We have some great partnerships in the works and are committed to growing and supporting our retail partners. I’m thrilled about what’s in store for A Better Treat as we continue to bring our products to stores near you.