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Sleeping In

Jason Kamery//November 5, 2013//

Sleeping In

Jason Kamery //November 5, 2013//

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When it comes to dog bedding, the two biggest trends that are important to consumers are comfort and style.

Dog owners want their pet to be comfortable when they sleep, but they also want the bedding to look good around the house.

Brands like Petmate have designed beds that are inviting, soft and luxurious.

“The new Petmate Fashion Bedding stylishly reflect the look and feel of current home décor,” Patricia McCune, bedding product manager for Petmate, said. “The line includes two lounger sizes, a knife-edge pillow bed and a gusseted pillow bed. The removable covers are machine washable and the insides have a high-loft, recycled polyester fiber fill making it cuddly for even the pickiest of pets.”

Petmate has beds that include their Aspen Pet Self-Warming Beds which are lined with a layer of material that generates warmth by reflecting a pet’s own body heat. The Arm & Hammer bedding line features built-in freshness and antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Sealy has come out with its own dog bed that creates not only a level of comfort for the dog, but also to support the dog.

“We have incorporated Cooling Energy Gel, Pet Rest Memory Foam, Bio Green Orthopedic Foam and an HD Pro Charcoal Base, to create the perfect sleeping conditions for your dog,” David Ezra, CEO of DogPacer, and a representative of Sealy, said. “This quad layer technology is the first of its kind to provide a restful night’s sleep, while helping to maintain healthy joints, increasing circulation and promoting a healthy lifestyle.”

Oster Animal Care has expanded its line of Heated Pet Beds and Heated Pet Pads that feature machine-washable Royal Mink cover and vet-recommended heat setting of 102 degrees.

“With new electronic heated beds and pads, pet owners seek premium comfort through gentle heat to either keep pets warm during the cooler months,” Justin Crout, group marketing manager at Jarden Consumer Solutions, parent company of Oster Animal Care, said. “Or offer comfort from sore muscles, arthritis, etc. as heat is both soothing and therapeutic for both cats and dogs.”

Taylor Beauchamp, president of Charlie & Me, said their customers look for quality dog beds that complement their interior design and home décor.

“Function is a must, but they also want a pet bed that coordinates with the color, style and general theme of their home,” Beauchamp said. “Dog owners also prefer materials with darker colors or busier prints, such as stripes, to hide the dirt that the dog may bring.

“Another trend is to buy multiple pet beds, to keep their dog comfortable indoors, outdoors and while traveling, without having to move the same dog bed throughout the house. Having multiple pet beds, in the living room, bedroom and home office, for instance, can also help deter our furry friends from being on our furniture.”

According to McCune, the number one issue they see with bedding aisles is a lack of organization.

“When a bedding department is in chaos sales can be lost,” McCune said. “This category has large pieces in many styles and it is a challenge to merchandise it well and maintain the planogram. Some tips for best practices are to merchandise by size then by the style of bed and lastly by color.


When looking at the pet bed market, Sealey said they didn’t find anything that was on the market that supported a dog during their sleep.

“More recently there has been a demand for orthopedic dog beds when we saw the introduction of chipped memory foam and orthopedic foam,” Ezra said. “A dog needs a combination of memory foam and orthopedic foam to eradicate pressure points completely. However, there was a lack of products on the market which provided this support, finding that most beds used shreds of foam instead of solid layers. We have designed a bed 5 years ahead of this current trend by creating four solid layers of essential comfort and support.”

When it came to design, Petmate saw three trends that were catching people’s eye.

“Over-scaled patterns are a big trend in home décor,” McCune said. “The Petmate Fashion Bedding line capitalizes on this hot new look to offer bedding that will look fashionable in your home as well as provide a comfy sleeping or resting spot for your pet.

“Neutrals are also very popular this season but the new twist is a pop of color. The contrast edge is a key trend in both the fashion and home décor arenas.”

Dog Gone Smart Beds have a variety of beds to fit the pickiest of sleepers.

Their designs feature hand-sewn upholstery-grade, durable cotton canvas fabrics and a classic color pallet, complementing any home décor.

Dog Gone Smart beds also uses a high density, AAA-grade, siliconized polyfill to maintain a high loft and eliminate fill bunching.