Shed Defender Looks to Donate 1,000 of its Products to Animal Organizations in Need

Pet Age Staff//August 14, 2018//

Shed Defender Looks to Donate 1,000 of its Products to Animal Organizations in Need

Pet Age Staff //August 14, 2018//

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Sometimes, mistakes in manufacturing happen. Shed Defender is putting its recent batch of imperfect products to good use, though.

Earlier this year, the company pulled a batch of its breathable athletic mesh fabric product from its fulfillment center because it had a few defects—relating to the seams, labels and other minor issues—that didn’t meet Shed Defender quality control standards, according to Shed Defender VP of Marketing Casey Walters.

“We were so disappointed because it was still made from our premium fabric; it just had some production issues but we didn’t want to sell it to our customers,” Walters said. “Instead of creating more waste and simply tossing out boxes and boxes of imperfect product, we have decided we want to get it into the paws of dogs who could benefit from it.”

Donating to animal shelters in need is not new for Shed Defender.

“Over the last year and half we’ve donated products to rescue groups, and the stories they’ve shared about the different ways the Shed Defender can help their dogs has inspired us to try and make sure this product doesn’t go to waste,” Walters explained. “We are hoping we can keep this product out of the dump to prevent creating more waste while simultaneously helping out non-profits with tight budgets that could use the Shed Defender.”

Shed Defender is now looking for shelters, adoption and rescue groups, or service dog organizations to which it can donate these 1,000 slightly defective, yet still usable products.

To receive their free Shed Defenders, interested non-profits can email [email protected] or fill out this contact form and include the following:

  • Name of organization and name of person submitting
  • Quantity of Shed Defenders needed and preferred sizes
  • Shipping address

Shed Defender company will ship the product to each of the non-profits at no cost. This is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Organizations that have received Shed Defender donations in the past use them for dogs with anxiety, skin conditions, wounds, surgical sites and more. For example, Clancy’s Dream and Rebel Dog Rescue have posted about their experience using the products. One dog from Rebel Dogs Rescue, Baby, who had calloused skin due to the former owner’s neglect, wore the Shed Defender to help her heal after having cancerous tumors removed. Trina, a dog from Ottowa Dog Rescue, had severe skin issues that were most likely untreated allergies and wore the Shed Defender to help her heal.

“The rescues we’ve worked with thus far have used the Shed Defender to help their dogs recovering from cancer, surgeries, skin conditions, allergies, hotspots and more,” Walters said. “We hope that other rescues will hear their stories and be inspired to reach out so they can receive Shed Defenders at no cost and help any dogs they might have that could benefit from using it!”


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