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Seeing the Light

Rebekah Harrison//January 5, 2015//

Seeing the Light

Rebekah Harrison //January 5, 2015//

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We spoke with Karina Esquivel, Senior Brand Manager at Central Aquatics about the Coralife LED Aqualight and what retailers should know to sell this product.

Rebekah: Tell me about the development of the Coralife LED Aqualight?

Karina: The Coralife LED Aqualight was developed to be an energy-efficient, fully customizable and easy to use fixture. Each fixture comes partially preloaded with a predetermined number of LED Tri-Lamps which are comprised of three 1 watt LED chips in either red, white or blue. The Tri-Lamps create a light output equivalent to a standard T5 HO fixture without requiring as much energy consumption. Covered slots also allow for adding additional Tri-Lamps in order to increase the light output and to be able to customize light color.

Rebekah: What are the features of the LED Aqualight?

Karina: The features of the Coralife LED Aqualight include interchangeable LED Tri-Lamps which give each user the ability to increase light intensity and create customized light color combinations specific to the aquatic habitat. Directional Lunar Blue LEDs provide moon glow accent lighting ideal for nighttime viewing and are fully adjustable.

A three power cord system allows for individual control of the front row of LED Tri-Lamps, back row of LED Tri-Lamps and the Directional Lunar Blue LED’s. Cooling Fans ensure that the LED’s remain at a cool temperature which will result in a long and useful life of providing quality illumination. The adjustable legs also accommodate multiple aquarium lengths.

Rebekah: With so many aquatic lights out there, what sets the LED Aqualight apart?

Karina: The key feature that makes the Coralife LED Aqualight stand out from the rest is the ability to customize the light output. The user can easily adjust light color or increase light intensity by removing, rearranging and/or replacing the LED Tri-Lamps, creating a customized fixture for their aquatic habitat.

Rebekah: What kind of livestock should the light be used for?

Karina: When fully loaded, the Coralife LED Aqualight provides the full coverage, high intensity lighting required for medium to high light level corals and freshwater plants.

For freshwater and live plant aquariums, it is recommend to use a combination of 10,000K, Colormax and Tri-Chromatic LED Tri-Lamps. For saltwater or reef aquariums, it is recommended to use a combination of 10,000K, 60/40, Actinic blue light and Colormax LED Tri-Lamps.

Rebekah: What should retailers know about this product to better sell it in their stores?

Karina: Additional details about the Coralife LED Aqualight are that the fixture comes in four sizes: 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch. Also, the legs are adjustable to fit multiple aquarium lengths.

Each LED Tri-Lamp is made up of three 1-watt LED chips (3 watts total) and come in five different colors: 10,000k (3 white LED chips), 60/40 (2 white and 1 blue LED chips), Actinic (3 blue LED chips), Tri-Chromatic (1 red, 1 white, 1 blue LED chips) and ColorMax (1 red and 1 white LED chip).