Pets Global Donates Over 12,000 Pounds of Food to SDF

Pet Age Staff//March 18, 2019//

Pets Global Donates Over 12,000 Pounds of Food to SDF

Pet Age Staff //March 18, 2019//

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Press release: Pets Global, Inc.

Pets Global, Inc., an independent holistic animal wellness pet food company, has supplied the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation (SDF) with more than 480 bags of its proprietary Zignature dog food as part of a partnership dating back to November 2017. Pets Global has donated more than 12,000 pounds of food to the nonprofit, in enthusiastic support of its mission to provide highly trained search dogs to partner with first responders.

Search dogs are extremely valuable members of rescue teams, particularly following disasters where they are utilized to find missing people amidst the chaos. In order to be effective, these dogs, many of them former shelter dogs, must be trained and handled by professionals, at a cost estimated to be $50,000 per canine. SDF provides this highly valuable, potentially lifesaving resource to fire departments throughout the country free-of-charge, when budget restrictions might otherwise make it inaccessible.

On a monthly basis, Pets Global donates approximately 30 bags of Zignature food to provide search dogs in-training with the nutrition they need to carry out their heroic tasks. Pets Global’s Zignature brand of ultra-premium dog food is formulated in accordance with the latest in veterinary science to meet the unique needs of these active canines. Zignature’s Physiologically Tuned formula is meat first, limited ingredient and hypoallergenic.

“SDF provides a critical service to communities in need, helping strengthen disaster response and save lives in a time where resources are stretched thin. We are humbled and honored to support that mission in whatever way we can,” said Pets Global customer care manager, Jeff Valdez. “We believe these dogs deserve the best nutrition available to keep them healthy, vital and ready to carry out their very important duties.”

Founded in 1996, SDF has trained a total of 160 certified state and federal teams that have deployed to 184 disasters and missing person searches. There are currently 71 SDF-trained search teams located in California, Florida, Nebraska, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Baja, California. Thanks to mutual aid agreements between states, these teams can be deployed nationwide wherever disasters occur.

“Every dog that enters our program not only receives a customized training plan – each search dog in training is provided an individual nutrition and exercise plan,” said Denise Sanders, director of communications for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. “Our partners at Zignature provide essential nutrition needed for these amazing canine athletes to perform their vital mission – searching for survivors in the aftermath of disasters – ensuring they are in top shape and ready to help save lives.”


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