Petco Foundation, Human Animal Bond Research Institute Strive to Raise $2.2M for Animal Welfare Organizations

Pet Age Staff//September 6, 2018//

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Petco Foundation, Human Animal Bond Research Institute Strive to Raise $2.2M for Animal Welfare Organizations

Pet Age Staff //September 6, 2018//

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On Saturday, August 16, the Petco Foundation kicked off its annual “All for Saving Lives” campaign, in partnership with the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), to celebrate the life-changing effect of pets in people’s lives with a goal to raise $2.2 million to support lifesaving animal welfare organizations nationwide.

“All for Saving Lives” explores the many ways pets impact people’s lives—from improving mental health to keeping physically fit. The campaign message of “Pets Change our Lives. Let’s Save Theirs” encourages people across the country to save animal lives by making a donation at the checkout in a Petco store or online.

“The ‘All for Saving Lives’ campaign highlights the science behind the human-animal bond and educates people about the positive impacts of adopting a pet,” said Steven Feldman, executive director of HABRI. “Supported by scientific research, we share five important ways that pets change people’s lives for the better.”

HABRI’s five ways are:

Pets Keep Us Fit: Pets encourage physical activity, with research showing that pHABRI_Logoeople who walk their dogs regularly are less likely to be obese than those who do not.

Pets Improve Mental Health: Studies have shown that human-animal interaction helps improve psychological well-being, decrease social isolation, and promote higher levels of life satisfaction.

Pets Provide Social Support: According to recent studies, interaction with animals helps children develop improved social skills including improved communication, decreased stress and positive social interaction with their peers.

Pets Support Healthier Hearts: Research shows that people with pets are more likely to have lower blood pressure, decreased stress and lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Pets Fight Allergies: Studies show that children exposed to pets early in life will develop stronger immune systems and be less likely to develop allergies as they grow up.

Throughout the campaign, the Petco Foundation will share life-changing adoption stories online and on social media.

The campaign ends this Sunday, September 9.