Nautilus Tropical Fish Wholesale Adds to its Selection

Pet Age Staff//November 29, 2017//

Nautilus Tropical Fish Wholesale Adds to its Selection

Pet Age Staff //November 29, 2017//

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Nautilus Tropical Fish Wholesale has received new shipments. This weekend, some blue-eyed lemon bushynose were scheduled for delivery. They are small, 1-1.5”, but should be a nice yellow fish that gets even yellower as it gets bigger. Just like any other bushynose for care, they’re great algae eaters that don’t get really big like the standard plecos.

Mbunas were restocked late last week, including a few varieties that the company hasn’t had for a while. Nautilus also received some red-top Gallireya Reef zebras. These are the classic red top types, less muddy than some aquarium strains the company has seen floating around. Yellow-top mbambas (pictured here) are also back in stock.

This week, Belize inverts and fish came in, so Nautilus has more zebra turbo snails, emerald crabs, and condy anemones. There’s plenty of algae blennies as well. Fish from Bali also came in, so there was a restock on blue hippo tangs, several gobies, mandarins, and sailfin tangs. This week should see a Philippines restock at some point, so if customers need firefish gobies or other common bread and butter they don’t see on the list, they should ask their rep to put it on the order anyway.

The company says the condy anemones are looking great. There are tons in stock and in all variety of colors. Most are very large too, making them a good value for the money.


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