Innovation in Motion: Global Pet Expo to Showcase Pet Products, Services

Glenn Polyn//March 1, 2024//

Innovation in Motion: Global Pet Expo to Showcase Pet Products, Services

Glenn Polyn //March 1, 2024//

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Since 2005, Global Pet Expo has been a leading pet industry event that brings manufacturers, buyers, suppliers and distributors together to network and partner. Co-produced by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA), the international event will be showcasing more than 1,000 exhibitors to experience “Innovation in Motion,” which is the theme of this year’s expo, and advance the $136+ billion pet industry. As the leading event in pet innovation, new products and trends, the show floor is expected to be teeming with thousands of products, services and offerings – many of which make their debut at the event.

“With pet owners and retailers constantly seeking new and improved products to meet the needs of their beloved animal companions, pet manufacturing continues to be a rapidly evolving industry filled with innovation and creativity,” said APPA president and CEO Pete Scott. “The APPA and PIDA teams look forward to yet again bringing together pet product manufacturers, importers, retailers, distributors, thought leaders and creative minds driven by their passion for enriching the lives of pets and their owners, all while helping drive our industry forward.”

The demand for exposure at Global Pet Expo is no surprise. The event is expected to feature the largest New Products Showcase in the industry, providing a platform for manufacturers to display their latest product innovations. The New Product Showcase will be reimagined this year to provide an elevated browsing experience for buyers. The showcase also is an opportunity for participants to earn the coveted Best In Show title, for which buyers can vote on their favorite products in the Global Pet Expo mobile application.

Another exciting addition to the 2024 expo includes the Unleashed welcome party, which is open to all exhibitors and attendees of the event. Attendees may also attend the much-anticipated State of the Industry presentation featuring brand-new insights from the National Pet Owner’s Survey, along with economic forecasts for the pet industry through 2028.

“Global Pet Expo will deliver groundbreaking product development, creative tech advancements and insights-driven research at our events – reflecting the exponential growth of the pet industry overall,” said Scott.

Global Pet Expo is the nexus for global pet professionals as companies unveil the latest cutting-edge products across diverse pet categories, encompassing dogs, cats, birds, aquatics, reptiles, small animals and even horses. Global Pet Expo regularly features products across all pet categories, ranging from premium pet foods to mentally stimulating toys, eco-friendly products, GPS tracking devices, health monitoring innovations and solution-based products.

This year’s Global Pet Expo will be the first for GURU Pet. After decades of inventing and developing successful pet products for top brands, industry veterans JJ and Amy Stone created GURU Pet, an innovative dog toy company with products made to challenge, engage and inspire. With the company’s slogan — Simple Innovation for Challenging Playat the forefront, GURU’s toys are designed to keep dogs engaged through intentional play by addressing their instinctive behavior.

“We bring dogs into our homes and expect them to be perfect little citizens, but dogs have natural instincts to chew, dig, and bark. We are creating products to address these natural behaviors so our pets can feel stimulated, happy and content,” said Amy Stone.

Prior to GURU, the Stones spent a decade inventing and developing many pet products for other top industry brands under their company Gravity Product Development (GPD).

JJ Stone has successfully brought hundreds of products to the consumer and pet retail markets. Early in his career, he moved to Hong Kong where he trained with some of the top industry leaders, learning and studying the newest and most advanced manufacturing processes of that time. He then spent three years at KONG Company as VP of product development where he helped drive new product innovation and offshore manufacturing processes before starting GPD.

With a lifelong love for animals and a passion to make their lives better, Amy Stone has spent her career in the pet industry. Before GPD, she was a senior product manager at KONG Company for 14 years. During this time, she was at the forefront of many great product launches that helped KONG grow to where they are today.

“Colleagues have been asking why now? And it’s pretty simple,” noted Amy Stone. “Why not now? We’ve enjoyed our simple life of inventing and developing pet products for amazing companies that we immensely respect, but we wanted to create a brand where pets’ mental and physical wellness were the focus and at the forefront of every toy and product we develop. We are determined to design, develop and manufacture products our way — and that’s all for the animals.”

What does GURU Pet and other brands have planned for Global Pet Expo 2024?



Aperture Pet & Life, the integrated company for some of the largest brands in the aquatics industry, including Bulk Reef Supply, Neptune Systems, EcoTech Marine and AquaIllumination, is pleased to announce a new brand serving even more of the aquarist community, AquaReady, during Global Pet Expo.

AquaReady will join the Aperture portfolio as a comprehensive freshwater and saltwater brand catering to the entire ecosystem of aquarist needs. While Aperture brands are most known for their premium products, AquaReady will apply the same innovation but with a focus on value to bring quality aquarium products to all. In developing the brand, the focus was on Aquarists looking for products that they can trust and are of great quality and performance but without complexity and the cost associated with it.

“The Aperture team has 25 years of experience delivering premium brands like EcoTech Marine, Neptune Systems and Aquaillumination to the Aquatic space.” said Natalie Strahan, CEO of Aperture. “Now with AquaReady, that knowledge and expertise is being harnessed to deliver aquarium products with the equivalent focus on utility and value. The goal is making aquatics easier and more accessible to all experience levels and budgets.”

In addition to core products for freshwater and saltwater aquariums, AquaReady will also offer crossover products that facilitate the adaptation of existing freshwater aquarium setups for use with saltwater. All AquaReady products come with a one year warranty. Visit Aperture at Booth 1275 on the trade show floor.



Johnna Devereaux, Chief Nutrition Officer at Bow Wow Labs is thrilled to announce the launch of two new products at Global Pet Expo this year. First, their category-creating safety device, the Bow Wow Buddy, has gotten an upgrade. The newest version is now Made in the U.S.A., dishwasher-safe and holds more than just bully sticks. Bow Wow Labs believes in keeping pets safe, happy, and healthy; the newest Bow Wow Buddy is a testament to that commitment.

But that’s not all. The Bow Wow Labs team of pet experts has crafted a new deliverable form of supplement to their fast-growing product line. For the first time ever, their brand-new innovative supplement, the Epic Chew will be available for immediate order fulfillment. The Epic Chew is a supplement like no other — combining a chewing experience with high-quality ingredients — ensuring dogs enthusiastically consume the beneficial nutrients. With Epic Chews, pet care is being taken to a whole new level by combining pleasure and health in one tasty package.

Global Pet Expo allows Bow Wow Labs the opportunity to connect with fellow pet enthusiasts who share their passion while introducing their groundbreaking products to a wider audience. With new-to-market products and amazing show specials, make sure you’re the first in line at Bow Wow Labs Booth 3158.



Embark on a journey of exceptional pet nutrition with The Butcher’s Pup, a family-owned and operated pet food brand rooted in Toronto, Canada. With a rich heritage in the meat industry dating back to 1993, we proudly bring you the finest cooked pet food products, setting new standards for quality and taste in the market.

The Butcher’s Pup specializes in the art of sous-vide pet food, elevating your pet’s dining experience to a whole new level. Crafted with care in Canada, our recipes feature only natural ingredients, free from synthetic vitamins or minerals. We believe in providing your pets with the wholesome nutrition they deserve, and our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

Our unique product line showcases complete meals in convenient sizes of 3lbs and 6lb, catering to the diverse needs of your pets. The Butcher’s Pup has proudly expanded its reach across Canada and is now delighting pets in the U.S.A.

What sets the brand apart is its pioneering introduction of sous-vide Sausages for dogs – a first in the market! These full-size sausages are formulated to be complete and balanced, ensuring your furry companions receive the nutrition they need in a format that adds excitement to their meals. Packaged in one-pound portions, these sausages serve as a complete meal, a tantalizing topper, or a special treat to reward your loyal friends.

The Butcher’s Pup is more than just pet food; it’s a testament to our passion for providing pets with a taste of culinary excellence. Join us on this gastronomic adventure, where every bite is a celebration of quality, care, and the joy of nourishing your pets with the best.



Cozy Tails memory foam pet beds stand out as the epitome of comfort and support for our furry companions. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and designed with the utmost care, these beds offer an unparalleled sleeping experience for pets of all shapes and sizes.

At the heart of Cozy Tails beds lies the innovative memory foam technology, providing optimal orthopedic support for pets’ joints and muscles. This high-density foam molds to the shape of your pet’s body, alleviating pressure points and promoting a restful sleep.

Moreover, Cozy Tails beds are designed with pet owners in mind. The removable, machine-washable covers make cleaning a breeze, while the non-slip bottoms provide stability, preventing the bed from shifting on smooth surfaces.

But perhaps the most compelling aspect of Cozy Tails memory foam pet beds is the happiness they bring to our pets. With their luxurious softness and ergonomic support, these beds offer a cozy sanctuary where our furry friends can rest and rejuvenate, ready to greet each day with boundless energy and joy. In essence, Cozy Tails memory foam pet beds aren’t just beds—they’re a testament to the unconditional love we have for our pets and our commitment to their well-being. Find out for yourself by visiting Cozy Tails at Booth 3267.



GURU Pet Company has just released more than 100 SKUs of dog toys that will challenge, engage and inspire all dogs. These innovative enrichment toys are available to order and will be showcased at Booth 4667, which is located in the “What’s New” section near the New Product Showcase.

JJ and Amy Stone have spent decades inventing and developing some of the most successful pet products for top brands in the industry. Now, this husband-and-wife duo have stepped out from behind the curtain to introduce their own brand of dog toys. GURU Pet is earning a reputation for developing products that challenge dogs’ minds, engage their natural instincts and inspire their spirits.

For example, GURU Pet is introducing the patent-pending and truly innovative, Dog X Cube. The Dog X Cube is a challenging enrichment toy where dogs will use their full bodies and minds to solve for treats. Each layer spins independently with holes on each end and center for treat dispensing. For dogs to get their reward, the kibble must move from the top layer through the center and out the bottom layer. Made with the brand’s ultra-durable Chew Pro material, this toy has a dog work their minds and their paws to solve the cube. The only question is how quickly can the dog solve it?



With nearly 20 years of experience creating functional, beautifully designed pet furniture, it’s no wonder New Age Pet is the preferred companion product line for discerning pet owners. New Age Pet provides safe, durable, and practical multi-function furniture and dwellings for dogs, cats, chickens, reptiles, rabbits and birds.

The brand’s products are made with a non-toxic and eco-friendly proprietary composite material called ECOFLEX, which is easy to clean and odor-free. The ECOFLEX material’s moisture resistant properties make New Age Pet structures superior to their wood or plastic counterparts. ECOFLEX products don’t expand and contract due to temperature and humidity changes like many similar products available on the market. All ECOFLEX products are designed to be quick and easy to assemble, with most products having an assembly time of only 20-30 minutes.

New Age Pet will be featuring more than 30 exceptional products at Booth 3430. Stop by to see a selection of current and new products to include dog crates, beds and diners; Litter Loo for cats; reptile lounges; chicken barns and roosting bars; small animal hutches and critter homes; and bird houses and feeders.



PetEyez, a leader in pet eye health, was created by Dr. Adam Cherry, a board-certified eye doctor for 31 years along with the help of several veterinarians and microbiologists. Launched at SuperZoo 2022, PetEyez Vitamin Treats were quickly recognized as a “winner” for the pet eye health category.

Since eyes and vision are vital senses, Dr. Cherry wanted to ensure that all pets receive the necessary nutrients to support ocular health. PetEyez contain 18 vitamin and minerals, but never any byproducts, grains, fillers or antibiotics. There are four flavors to choose from. Results are guaranteed in 30-days or less to eliminate tear stains. PetEyez Vitamin Powder, our newer version in powder form, is available in both chicken and beef liver flavors.

The brand’s newest product, PetEyez Eye and Ear Wipes with Hypochlor, features antimicrobial, organic, all-natural wipes that clean, protect and soothe. HOCL (Hyperclor) naturally occurs in the body to eliminate bacteria and is the safest choice for animals because it is non-toxic, chemical-free, preservative-free and safe enough if ingested or licked by animals. PetEyez will be offering 20 percent off as a show special for Global buyers. Visit PetEyez at Booth 3870 for more details.



PetRageous Designs is returning to Global Pet Expo, where it will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. The company is eager to meet new customers, reconnect with partners and unveil its latest offerings with the same excitement as when it began. The brand’s commitment to core principles, including functional products, whimsical designs and retail expertise, guides PetRageous Designs forward.

Global visitors will discover revamped stoneware cat assortments, dog bowls and extensive stainless-steel options, including angled bowls for easy access to food and water. The brand also is expanding into new categories, such as leashes and beds. Look out for Eddie Bauer PET branded leashes featuring quick-grip comfort handles and reflective materials, along with durable pet beds and plush toys. Additionally, explore the brand’s spring clothing line and preview upcoming fall styles. Visit PetRageous Designs at Booth 3629 to connect and explore its exciting new products.



Pure and Natural Pet is a leading innovator in the organic grooming and health and wellness category prioritizing the well-being of pets and their families while setting the standard for ingredient-focused excellence. When the brand’s journey began nine years ago, its main goal was to develop USDA Certified Organic items and establish a reputation for unparalleled product quality. Today, the brand continues to uphold this commitment. The Pure and Natural Pet brand is not only transparent in the labeling of ingredients, but it also takes pride in educating consumers about the selection of its unique ingredients and the rationale of its choices.

Pure and Natural Pet’s grooming products, such as its Hypoallergenic, Shed Control or Anti-Itch Shampoos, are all uniquely formulated to deliver the most effective functionality. From the tip of the tail to the tip of their nose, Pure and Natural Pet offers over 20 USDA Certified Organic items. One of the bestsellers is the twist-up USDA Certified Organic Paw Rescue. A versatile product, it protects your pet’s paws from the hot pavement and walking trails during the summer or the ice and salt in the winter, while also moisturizing and soothing dry, cracked paws.

In collaboration with professional groomers, the brand has also developed its Pro Coat line of products tailored to specific requirements that ensure we meet the needs of the professional grooming industry.

Stop by Booth 1454 during the Global Pet Expo for show specials and a sneak peek at the brand’s latest introduction – Canine Plaque & Tartar Removing Wipes.



Located in Booth 5347, Sodapup is thrilled to meet with GPE attendees to showcase its latest innovations. The brand is continuing to double down on the enrichment category which includes enrichment-oriented toys, lick mats and slow feeder bowls. In the lick mat category, SodaPup will be rolling out a new lick mat called Camp, which features a fun camping scene. The mat has an improved suction cup array on the back. SodaPup also will be introducing a design called Sky, the design of which tells a story about the sky. This lick mat also features two different depths. Finally, the brand will be introducing a lick mat called Vino in a burgundy red color.

In the bowl category, SodaPup will be launching our first tipsy bowl that we call the Garden of Eatin’. This design showcases how SodaPup elevates traditional product types with unexpected designs while also delivering great functionality. Also in the slow feeder category, SodaPup is going to unveil a new etray called the Four Season. This design also tells a fun story. And there will also be a fourth ebowl slow feeder launch with a design called Java.

Finally, in the enrichment toy category the brand is expanding its Honey Pot enrichment cup lineup. In reintroducing the very popular Honey Pot in the brand’s new PUP-X material, SodaPup will be adding some great colors, including pink, light blue and purple. With all that planned for Global, there’s surely something for everyone to see!