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Looking Good Naturally

Rebekah Harrison//May 31, 2015//

Looking Good Naturally

Rebekah Harrison //May 31, 2015//

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The trend of natural grooming products is here to stay, so retailers must be able to accommodate consumers. A lot of customers want to stay away from chemicals when it comes to their pets’ skin. Natural grooming products are gentler than synthetic chemicals.

Naturally Clean

In keeping with this preference, earthbath offers a full line of completely natural grooming products for dogs and cats, including shampoos, conditioners, grooming wipes, waterless shampoos and deodorizing spritzes.

“We use ingredients from nature to address specific grooming needs that we know are common for pets,” said Yvonne Roth, director of marketing for earthbath. “For example, our newest shed-control shampoo and conditioner contains organic, fair trade shea butter and omega-6 fatty acids, which are known to naturally moisturize skin and reduce shedding. Our popular Oatmeal & Aloe shampoo uses colloidal oatmeal to address itching and flaking in coats.”

According to Roth, earthbath is extremely particular about the ingredients that go into their products—and also the ingredients that don’t. Their products never contain parabens, sulfates or artificial colors and fragrances.

So why are the natural ingredients in earthbath so beneficial?

“The skin is the largest organ of our bodies and it absorbs the products and any associated toxins that we put on it,” said Roth.

“Natural ingredients are less likely to cause irritation for both the pets and the pet parents or groomers who are exposed to them. They are also better for the environment. Our products are biodegradable and the soapy runoff is perfectly safe for grass and plant life.”

Natural ingredients are also important to Glo-Marr’s KENIC line. It offers a Defender Organic Pet Shampoo made from a blend of citrus and natural aloe vera. These ingredients help soothe itchy skin. Glo-Marr also has a line of pet bathing solutions called NATRRELLE, which offers delicate ingredients like apricot, peach and lavender but doesn’t contain the detergents that can strip a pet’s skin of natural oils.

Additionally, Glo-Marr offers a natural flea and tick shampoo called BALANCE Pennyroyal Pet Shampoo. It’s reported to naturally repel fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitos. With all-natural ingredients like pennyroyal and aloe vera, the shampoo will not strip a pet’s coat and can be used as often as necessary.

Finally, Glo-Marr features the award-wining BARKTINI Blends shampoo line, with fun names like Pina Colada Pooch, Margarita Mutt, Cosmopolitan Canine and Daiquiri Dog. An available POP display of these shampoos could really appeal to customers. These contain all-natural beneficial ingredients like natural botanical conditioners to keep a dog’s coat shiny and smelling fresh.
Beyond Shampoos

Kanberra products, which include wipes, sprays and gels, are also natural.

“Kanberra products don’t contain alcohol or chemicals and only use the antimicrobial powers of pure Australian tea tree oil to eliminate odors at their source,” said Joel Solly, president and CEO of Kanberra. “There aren’t any masking agents or harsh odors. When Kanberra products are working, all you smell is fresh, clean air—the way Mother Nature intended.”

What makes Kanberra a natural product? It’s all about the ingredients.

“Kanberra only uses pure Australian tea tree oil certified by ATTIA (Australian Tea Tree Industry Association), Ltd., and we’re the only all-natural air purifier to receive this certification,” said Solly. “By using only certified pure Australian tea tree oils, you know that you are receiving a high-quality product that contains only quality ingredients.”

While using all-natural ingredients, Kanberra delivers multiple benefits to keep pet coats healthy, shiny and pest-free.

“Kanberra products tend to ease allergy symptoms—both in pets and in their pet parents,” said Solly. “Not to mention tea tree oil is also a natural repellant for critters like fleas, ticks and mosquitos. Many people use Kanberra Spray on themselves and their pets during the summer months to avoid annoying mosquito bites. Even the all-purpose Kanberra Wipes can be used to wipe down muddy dog paws and freshen coats between grooming appointments. Every day we hear about more uses from Kanberra lovers everywhere.”

While shampoos, sprays and wipes are immensely popular, some pet owners want to pamper their pets by giving them luxurious spa-type treatments. Madra Mór allows them to do just that.

Madra Mór Canine Mud treatments are made with natural ingredients, according to strict Ecocert guidelines, and are free of harsh detergents and chemicals.

These unique muds come in four varieties: Soothing Mud, loaded with natural antioxidants and astringent ingredients to help with itchy skin; Flea Relief Mud, a chemical-free way to ward off parasites; Shed Safely Mud, which removes loose fur and unclogs hair follicles; and Mobility Mud, which relieves sore muscles and achy joints from exercise, arthritis and more.

For People and Pets

The pet humanization trend goes hand-in-hand with the natural products market. But sometimes these pet grooming purchases have benefits for humans, too.

“Not only are Kanberra products great for pet areas like crates, pet beds and litter boxes but pet owners will find they can use Kanberra in so many other areas,” said Solly. “Cigarette smell in your car? Use Kanberra. Musty odor in your RV? Use Kanberra. Smelly gym bag in your son’s room? Use Kanberra. Mildewed storage areas? Use Kanberra.”
One thing is for sure: Natural products aren’t just a passing trend.

“Natural is here to stay,” said Roth. “Consumers are increasingly aware of what they put in and on their bodies, learning to read labels and understand the value of better ingredients. We are proud to have been one of the pioneers of natural grooming products in the pet industry and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to make our products even better.”