November 6, 2019

Pet Age recently spoke with William E. Piechocki, owner of Fiesta Pet Deli in Pompano Beach, Florida, to discuss how his unique shop fits into the pet specialty channel.

When and why did you open Fiesta Pet Deli?
We opened Fiesta Pet Deli’s doors in March of 2006 as a small, 400-square-foot space residing in a farmer’s market within the well-renowned Festival Marketplace Mall located in Pompano Beach, Florida. This where our concept of “Real Foods for Real Pets” was introduced. The store was an actual working deli with an authentic deli case filled with human-grade meats, poultry and fish recipes that were freshly prepared on the premises. These recipes were conveniently packaged in individual daily meals. We developed this nutritional approach in seeing that our dogs and cats were having more and more health issues as modern-day technology in the pet food manufacturing business increased. All these diets were formulated with major nutritional and essential components.

Today, Fiesta Pet Deli is still the first and only fresh, real food deli for dogs, cats and other carnivores, and we are proud to say that our little deli that started out in 2006 as a tiny store has now grown into a 2,900-square-foot facility featuring not only our full-service deli but also offers many other holistic products, nutritional advice and ongoing education for the well-being of all.

How does Fiesta Pet Deli allow you to deliver optimum health to pets?
The deli case display allows us to showcase the quality and freshness of our species-appropriate foods that we offer. Our store’s unique concept has created an awareness and curiosity as to what makes this diet regimen a healthier alternative to processed pet foods. Along with the help of my colleague, Dr. Diane Sudduth, DVM, we were able to develop a teachable understanding of the nutritional needs for pets based on science and ancestral models. With our combined knowledge and expertise, we were able to create many products and diets specifically geared to help all pets including those specifically with health challenges such as allergies, cancer, diabetes, dental, heart, skin issues and more.

Along with all our products, we strive to provide ongoing education to all those who love their pets as we do. You can listen to our live web radio show “Pet Health Café,” which is broadcast weekly every Wednesday at 8 p.m. worldwide on multiple internet media stations and is a part of the Health Café Live Network, which hosts additional programs on nutrition, natural and alternative health for both people and their pets. Archives from “Pet Health Café” are also featured on iHeartRadio for all to catch up and listen at their own convenience. We get the word out through social media, blogs, guest speaking and numerous events as well.

The core of our philosophy is an integrated educational forum with the products, services and expertise that you won’t find anywhere else.

What does the slogan “Real Food for Real Pets” mean to you?
To us, nature provides only natural foods. We embrace keeping our food the same with only minimal processing such as cutting and grinding and low temperature light cooking on some entrées. Our belief is this: When food is delivered in its most natural form, it will optimize the utilization of nutrients in the same manner it is delivered to all other creatures in nature. We only deliver the quality that we feel is well deserved for us, our pets and our families.

What can you tell us about the BioComplete line that you created?
Our trademark BioComplete brand features species-appropriate food items of the highest, most natural form. Our meat, poultry, fish and eggs are USDA approved for human consumption and are certified organic, free-range, grass finished and local wherever possible. Many of our meat, poultry and fish products are also used in our dehydrated line of treats. Our herb and botanical line features over 100 individual pure organic items plus 25 varieties of our private label BioV Clarity organic herbal blends along with our CBD hemp products, which all play a part in addressing specific health conditions. All are either organic or wild crafted as well as being third-party tested. To round out our healthful food products, we also provide local organic raw honey, certified Manuka honey from New Zealand, homemade bone broths, fresh dairy smoothies and frozen yogurts. All our products are processed daily in our own facility by our own team.

In addition to offering BioComplete at Fiesta Pet Deli, what hard goods do you stock?
In addition to the BioComplete brand of products, we also offer specialty natural supplements, grooming supplies, toys, natural cleaning solutions, collars, leads and safe products for all your pets. We also feature our Florida Fresh Meats and foods in our pet parent program.

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