Jackson Galaxy Brings 20 Years of Experience to Cat Product Line

July 27, 2015

His more than 20 years of experience helping cats with problem behaviors have led him to a partnership with pet product manufacturer Petmate. The line of cat toys and accessories that collaboration has produced keeps expanding.

But it all started with a chance meeting at the South by Southwest festival.

“I was doing an event at South by Southwest,” said Galaxy. “I flew in for only about two hours, just to do the event and leave. In that two hours, someone from Petmate came up to me and said they were a big fan and wanted to work with me.”

At first, Galaxy wasn’t sure about joining with a manufacturer. After he did some research, he saw the potential to do something that would benefit cats.

“I realized Petmate was the perfect match,” said Galaxy. “It was a very easy fit. One thing I really appreciate about Petmate is they knew it would be a fluid process based on feedback from the cats. They understood that and they were fine with that.”

Galaxy brings his years of experience and insight to the product manufacturing process. Petmate allows him to put that knowledge to work, which can include extensive testing and reworking of the products.

“A lot of work, a lot of testing, a lot of refining goes into these products. I won’t be happy until every cat is happy,” he said.

“It’s very simple: I take it to the cats and see what they like,” said Galaxy about the product testing.Galaxy takes the products to his cats at home and to the ones at Petmate. He also gives them out to the network of shelters and rescues he work with.

“Based on all that feedback, we modify the products until they work,” he said.

The uniqueness of the product line comes from the fact that Galaxy has been working exclusively with cats for 20 years. He applies all that experience to making his Petmate product line.

The philosophy behind these toys and accessories is “based on my career of getting to understand what your cat needs,” he said. “That’s not to take the individuality away from your cat. If all cats are special snowflakes they still all come from the same cloud. You should be able to make your cat happy. These products should help you enable your cat’s mojo.”

According to Galaxy, preventing cats from ending up in shelters is the drive behind the products.

“I’ve worked with a lot of shelters and rescues,” he said. “I’ve learned that environmental enrichment and proper play are the keys to keeping cats in homes and preventing behavior problems. I believe these products keep cats out of shelters.”

“I’m proud of the fact that I’m a trusted messenger and want to be able to tell cat people that they can trust these products,” said Galaxy.

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