It’s Raining Treats

Pet Age Staff//June 25, 2019//

It’s Raining Treats

Pet Age Staff //June 25, 2019//

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Whether it’s a perk of the ears, a bark or even a jump in the air, dogs love to show their appreciation for treats. There’s no doubt that such reactions are entertaining, but dog owners are just as happy, if not more, knowing that the treats they give their pups will benefit the pet’s overall health.

It’s interesting how so much can be packed into a kibble-sized morsel. Treats can be used to train a pooch’s behavior, teach new tricks, conceal medications that can be a nightmare to give on their own, keep mouths clean and fresh, help digestive systems and even maintain clean, healthy fur and skin.

The possibilities are endless with these tiny, versatile products. Because of this, consumers are now looking more in­-depth for treats that cater to their dog’s specific needs.

But no matter what consumers are looking for in dog treats—whether it helps alleviate digestion, addresses sensitivity or freshens less-than-pleasant breath—the common benefit they are looking for is taste. Dog owners and their pups want treats with drool-worthy tastes, so manufacturers and retailers will benefit more by offering treats that cater to a variety of dog needs and also come in an array of flavors and textures.

Transparency is another big buzzword for pet parents and the industry, so more manufacturers are providing retailers—and thus consumers—with informative product labels and detailed nutrition statements.

These treats and chews not only address a dog’s individual needs and come in mouthwatering flavors, they also feature ingredients that are natural, made in the USA and more. Dog owners want to know exactly what they are giving to their canine companions.

Manufacturers and retailers should thoroughly educate consumers on all the ingredients on the label and what they mean. Keeping dogs healthy and happy with their treats, and even begging for more, is what the treat sector is all about.

DogEatz Treatz


DogEatz Treatz

DogEatz Treatz are healthy treats that pets will love and owners will love giving! These dog treats, which feature character designs from Disney’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” help maintain clean teeth and healthy gums due to their unique nubbed design and chewy texture. DogEatz Treatz are soy-free, gluten-free, all-natural and made in the USA.








TruDog Beef and Turkey Treats

These freeze-dried raw treats are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that dogs can’t get from ordinary treats. Made entirely in the USA from cage-free protein, meaty bones and whole organ meats (and nothing else), pet parents will never feel guilty about indulging their dog with “just one more” TruDog treat.








4 Paws Butcher Shop Jerkies[3]4 Paws Jerky

High-protein, low-fat, single-ingredient jerkies that contain human-grade proteins. These single-ingredient jerkies are sourced from U.S. farm-raised meat and manufactured in the U.S.



JonesSelect-ChickenPureMeatSlicesJones Select Treats

The Jones Natural Chews Select line of premium treats includes 100 percent Chicken and 100 percent Turkey Pure Meat Slices. These single-ingredient treats are natural, high-protein snacks from meat raised and sourced in the USA. There is only one ingredient on the label, with no artificial flavors, fillers or preservatives.






True Chews TreatsTrue Chews

True Chews are the treat with a twist. The number one ingredient is chicken. True Chews support bone and joint health with glucosamine and chondroitin. True Chews are 100 percent natural and are available in five delicious varieties, each with a supporting wellness claim.




bark-lamblung12-lamblungchips-12oz-01Barkworthies Lamb Lung Chips

Barkworthies Lamb Lung Chips are a great low-fat and high-protein snack for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Lamb is a nutritious alternative to beef and chicken, especially for dogs with allergies. This single-ingredient treat is perfect for dogs of all sizes and every stage of life.






Off Leash Soft BakesOff Leash Soft Bakes


Lightly baked to perfection, dogs everywhere love our delicious, all-natural Off Leash Soft Bakes. These tender, bite-sized, soft-baked dog treats are great for training and a perfect reward for dogs of all sizes. They are easy to break and contain grain-free, meat-first ingredients.






CD Organic_16oz Chicken and 4 oz. Beef

Crazy Dog Train-Me!

Made with organic beef or organic chicken as the number one ingredient, and packed with organic fruits, veggies and grains, these treats are not only healthy but irresistible to dogs. “Certified Organic” by Oregon Tilth, the treats meet strict USDA organic standards and use only antibiotic-free (ABF) beef or cage-free ABF chicken. They are available in a mini 1.7-calorie size that’s ideal for training.



jiminy's cricket cookiesJiminy’s Chewy Cricket Treats

Less than three calories per treat, these soft and chewy cricket treats from Jiminy’s contain wholesome ingredients like sweet potato, peas, oats and crickets for a delicious and nutritious reward. These treats are designed as a training reward, but they are also great for small dogs that prefer a soft, savory treat. Sustainable, humane and hypoallergenic—these treats have it all!




Ziwi - New Chews Group-smallZiwi Chews

Ziwi’s single-protein chews include Lamb Tripe, Lamb Drumsticks, Lamb Trachea and Beef Weasand. Each chew is crafted from grass-fed, grass-finished meats sourced from free-range New Zealand farms.



No-Hide Loose - all flavorsEarth Animal No-Hide Chews

No-Hide Wholesome Chews are the healthy, hand-rolled alternative to rawhide. The treat line of six flavors has been designed to deliver nutritious, long-lasting chewable bliss to dogs of all shapes and sizes. Earth Animal calls it No-Hide Nirvana! Available flavors are Chicken, Beef, Pork, Salmon, Venison and Peanut Butter.




K9Crisps_8ozBag_3.8.18_Front (1)


K9 Crisps

K9 Crisps are made of dehydrated chicken tenderloins that give your dogs what they crave—100 percent USDA chicken. The chips contain no by-products or fillers. They also contain no added hormones or preservatives. These gluten- and grain-free treats are great for pets with allergies. They’re excellent for training and, at only 6 calories per chip, can be added to a dog’s daily diet.







Natural Cravings Sizzle SticksTurkey Sizzle Sticks

Natural Cravings Turkey Sizzle Sticks are a made with simple, high-quality ingredients to ensure the best flavor and support a pet’s health. The combination of good proteins like succulent turkey meat and rice protein makes these treats good for a dog’s cognitive brain health and immune system. Turkey Sizzle Sticks are also a great source of protein. As a tender jerky treat, Turkey Sizzle Sticks are great for dogs of all sizes that might need something softer to chew.






FROIMM crunchy-os-dog-treatFromm Crunchy Os

Feature a blend of premium ingredients with an airy texture that delivers an audibly entertaining crunch. Flavors include Blueberry Blasts, Smokin’ Cheese Plosions and Pumpkin Kran Pow.



Nature Gnaws Variety Pack


Nature Gnaws

Nature Gnaws variety pack gives consumers the opportunity to try different chews, including bully sticks, tripe twists, jerky chews, tendons and more. All chews are 100 percent all-natural, cleaned with water and personally inspected by hand.  Consumers have the option to purchase a small variety pack for light chewers or a large variety pack intended for medium to heavier chewers.




Kennelmaster Chip's Naturals Doggie sweet tatersDoggie Sweet Taters

Kennelmaster uses pure, natural ingredients sourced in the United States. Chip’s Naturals Doggie Sweet Taters are one-ingredient treats that are high in fiber and low in fat. These treats are also high in beta-carotene and minerals that promote good digestive health in a sweet-tasting chew.









Einstein luau time dog treatsLuau Time Dog Treats

Luau Time treats are natural and nutritious, handcrafted from premium raw ingredients in the USA. Their formula contains only seven ingredients, including natural oat flour, honey, pork, pineapple, coconut and ginger, blended together using chia seeds. These tasty treats are a high-protein, low-fat alternative to conventional treats.








ORIJEN_FDT_Original_Front_RightORIJEN Dog Treats

ORIJEN Dog Treats are made of 100 percent meat, poultry or fish gently freeze-dried to preserve the nutrition and taste from raw proteins. Free of any grains or carbohydrates, these treats are biologically appropriate, made from regional ingredients and never outsourced.






ACANA_Dog_Pork_and_Squash_Front_RightACANA Singles Dog Treats

ACANA Singles Treats for dogs are formula-matched to ACANA Singles dry dog food and feature a single-protein recipe, appropriate for healthy dogs with dietary sensitivities. They are freeze-dried to optimize nutrition and taste, and made with raw meats or poultry. All three flavors are biologically appropriate.






ParkersParkers Jerky Treats

Parkers Jerky Treats are 100 percent wholesome, made-in-the-USA, nutritious jerky treats designed for on-the-go activities, anytime training or just as an everyday reward for any size dog. These moist treats are made with only the best, human-grade ingredients, and are free of glycerin, artificial preservatives, wheat, corn, soy, grains and gluten. Available in four tasty flavors (beef, chicken, pork and turkey), one pack contains more than 30 nutritious jerky treats.



WalkAbout_Dog_BoarWalk About Dog Treats

Walk About Dog Treats use the latest nutritional information to create the perfect mix of lean proteins, healthy oils and antioxidants. They promote healthy skin and coat with Omega 3 and Omega 6, as well as muscle development with low-fat, highly digestible proteins. They contain active energy ingredients. Walk About Pet Products deliver complete and balanced nutrition formulated to the highest standards.





STELLA raw coated biscuitsStella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Biscuits

Inspired by the whole prey diet, the biscuits are coated with the company’s freeze-dried raw, high in meat and organ content and crafted in USA kitchens. Includes Cage-Free Chicken Recipe, Grass-Fed Beef Recipe, Cage-Free Duck Recipe and Grass-Fed Lamb Recipe.



redbarn braided bully stickRedbarn Bully Braids

Redbarn’s Natural Braided Bully Sticks for dogs are made from beef pizzle. This beef muscle is savory and full-bodied, which naturally creates a mouthwatering dog treat. Braided Bully Sticks are slow-roasted to achieve a hardy texture that your dog will happily wag its tail for. Beef pizzles closely resemble a dog’s ancestral diet of organ meats. It’s a treat that’s a natural instinct to eat! Available in a variety of sizes.




Grandma Artisan StartersGrandma Lucy’s Artisan Starters

Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Starters are a simple pet treat made with only the finest, all-natural ingredients and nothing else. Since 1999, Grandma Lucy’s has maintained a reputation for making the best pet food and treats, and the Artisan Starters are no exception. These gourmet treats are made with the highest-quality natural ingredients from around the globe to ensure pets’ health.






Honey Im HomeHoney I’m Home Treats

Honey I’m Home treats are made with human-grade, humanely raised water buffalo out of India that are 100 percent grass-fed, free-range, grain-free without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Each treat is coated in honey for a product that is sweet to the taste and strong in sustainability.