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Featured: Tips to Avoid Fleas and Ticks in Your Pet Store, Grooming Salon

Pet parents are constantly on the lookout for dangers to their pets, but some are so small you might not even notice them. External parasites, like fleas and ticks, are common problems, and depending on your location, you need to be extra vigilant. Education is vital in managing these issues, so here are some essential […]

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Pets at Home: Approach Cat Enrichment Through Empathy

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that our lives are exponentially better with pets in them. Our pets have had more prominent roles in our lives as they’ve become work-from-home office mates and constant companions. For many pet owners, the bond has never been stronger. In some ways, we’ve all become cats, […] Read More →

On-Site Veterinarians are a Bonus for Pet Retailers, Customers

Our focus, as members of the pet care industry, is and always will be the well-being of our animals. Whether you’re a store owner or breeder, wholesaler or supply expert, everything we do is in service to the animals that we care for and their loving owners. However, our care alone – no matter how […] Read More →

Take Advantage of the Popularity of Pint-Sized Pets

They generally have the reputation of being the also-ran pets in terms of popularity after dogs and cats. That, of course, is a misconception. If you go by individual animals in the United States, fishes rank up there with dogs and cats, at more than 90 million. And what makes small pets – those hamsters, […] Read More →

Five Questions: Daniel Willis of Zachs Quality Dog Food

Pet Age recently spoke with Daniel Willis, CEO of Zach’s Quality Dog Food, which is based in Texas. How would you describe the philosophy behind your recipes? I like to keep my recipes simple: Highly nutritious with no fillers or fluff. Each ingredient is considered a necessity and highly important. When formulated together, my ingredients […] Read More →

5 Easy Steps to Help You Delegate Like a Boss

From the day you hire your very first employee, your role as a business owner or manager changes. You suddenly go from “doer” to “leader of those who do” and it’s critical that you make that transition by delegating. However, if you’re like many leaders, you may struggle to let go of things you’ve always […] Read More →

Pet Age Supplements

Pet Age produces a variety of supplements throughout the year, that are of special interest to pet business owners and decision makers. To browse our supplements online please follow the link below...

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Being Real: Rachael Ray on Retailers, Recipes and Rescues

Rachael Ray is best known as the host of the hit, Emmy Award-winning daytime television show, “Rachael Ray,” as well as her Food Network TV shows, signature line of cooking implements and her lifestyle magazine, Rachael Ray In Season. Enroute to becoming an internationally known female business mogul, Rachael Ray has remained dedicated to her […] Read More →

Mother-Son Duo Create Jax & Cali Holistic Petcare Brand

Pet parents know the frustration when their furbaby is a mess and you need a quick, safe and effective solution. Now more than ever, people are reading ingredient labels and researching brands to ensure their products are meeting their needs. Pet Age recently spoke with Andres Bergovich, co-owner of Jax & Cali, to discover how […] Read More →

The Cat Products Market is Purring Like a Kitten

The pet industry has overcome a year of COVID-related challenges and continued to flourish, reaching a milestone in 2020 by exceeding $100B in U.S. sales. People are adding pets to their families now more than ever for companionship during lockdown, causing a spike in ownership. This has been supported by a September 2020 study from […] Read More →

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