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Giving a Choice

Pet Age Staff//January 6, 2014//

Giving a Choice

Pet Age Staff //January 6, 2014//

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We recently spoke with Charles Byrne, owner of Mammoth Pet Products, about the company’s motto and products.

Q: Tell us a little about Mammoth.

Byrne: Born in the ski resort town of Mammoth Lakes, Cailf. in 1995, Mammoth Pet Products has become a leading manufacturer of premium and value oriented dog toys.  In the California design tradition Mammoth offers over 300 category leading products under the Mammoth Flossy Chew,  Squeaky Rope,  Tirebiter, Dogsavers, Squeakies, and Mammoth Value brands. We are the world’s largest producer of cotton rope dog toys with our own manufacturing facilities in Mexico and China.  To put in perspective over the years Mammoth has produced over 100 million dog toys.  We believe in offering customers the best quality product, largest variety, and excellent service at a fair price.   Most importantly we believe in offering products that provide enjoyment for the end users, pets and the pet owner, at a great value.

Q: What is a typical day like for you?

Byrne: A typical Mammoth day involves reading and returning emails and phone calls.  The majority of my time is spent on managing operations, developing new products and overseeing manufacturing  projects.  I also work closely with our sales team in tailoring customer sales programs. Most importantly everyday I am thankful for being in such a wonderful industry.  specially finding my niche in the dog toy category. Being in the pet industry since 1982 has truly made for an exciting career.

Q: From your Flossy Chews to your TireBiters, you have such a variety of products. Where does the company get their inspiration from for them?

Byrne: Yes, with over 300 products, Mammoth has a wide range of dog toys namely Mammoth’s Flossy Chew cotton rope toys,  Tirebiter rubber toys and various Squeaky plush toys. Innovation has been the leading force behind the company.  I like to think that product development is my true craft.  I practice the industrial design principles of “good design” and “form follows function.” I prefer simple functional design. Products should be innovative, useful, aesthetic, environmentally friendly, affordable and long lasting. My inspiration comes from the pets and environment around me.  Products should satisfies dogs play time while being durable. Most of Mammoth’s products are developed organically meaning they are influenced by past Mammoth designs and other products in the marketplace. Most of our products are developed in house.
It’s exciting when we come up with a truly revolutionary concept that creates a new product category benefiting the entire pet industry.

Q: You have a motto, “Play It Safe,” which deals with helping owners pick the correct toy for their pet. Why is that so important?

Byrne: Educating pet owners about dog toy safety is very important. Helping your dog to play safe is as important as keeping them happy and healthy.   Mammoth Pet Products wants to help dog owners and their pets enjoy play time to the fullest, everyday.  We believe that in addition to offering safe dog toys, that the pet owner is also responsible for their pets safety.  Pet owners should always supervise their dogs play time and know their pet’s playing habits.  It is important to choose the right toy based on your dogs playing habits. Never let your pet eat a (non-food) dog toy.   No dog toy is indestructible.  A dog’s toy should always be bigger than a dog’s mouth making it difficult to swallow.  Also for aggressive chewing dogs one should use a larger size toy or “extra strength” toy making it more difficult to chew apart.  For more information see our Play it Safe section at