Getting Protein Gains

Pet Age Staff//April 24, 2019//

Getting Protein Gains

Pet Age Staff //April 24, 2019//

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Found in meats, eggs, dairy products, as well as some grains and legumes, protein is an important part of a canine’s diet. Protein is needed to form new skin cells, grow hair, build muscle tissue, and more. It also assists in creating hormones and enzymes that are needed for normal function, provides energy (like carbohydrates do) and keeps the immune system strong.

A dog’s body can’t store protein like it can with fat and other nutrients, so it has to be supplied in the daily diet. Depending on the age and activity level of the dog, protein needs will vary. For example, larger breeds of dogs will need to be fed a larger amount of protein as adults to keep their muscles and bodies at optimal condition.

And as animals get older, the need for protein decreases but is still necessary. Additionally, when animals are sick or injured, they will have a greater need for protein to recover.

This means it’s important to have a dog food that has the proper amounts of protein. However, a high percentage of protein doesn’t necessarily mean dogs are getting better food, because not all protein in a product may be completely digestible. It’s good to have the protein source listed in the first few ingredients, such as chicken, beef, eggs, lamb, fish and meat meals.

Manufacturers and retailers should be able to provide consumers with extensive knowledge about their dogs’ protein needs and what products will best provide them with the nutrition they require. Several organizations, including Pet Food Institute—whose members make up 98 percent of all United States pet food and treat products—are a valuable resource for dog nutrition.

These products put protein at the forefront, giving consumers a varied selection and amount to provide their dogs, from young to old or small to large. So no matter what their dogs’ protein requirements are, pet parents can find the right product for a long-lasting, healthy diet.

Chicken-13.75oz-Dog Can


Ziwi Wet Dog Food

Dogs preferring wet food will love our range of Ziwi Peak canned dog recipes. We start with 92 percent meat, organs and bone, including 3 percent green mussel for natural glucosamine and chondroitin, and 7 percent species-specific tripe for added palatability and digestive benefits. Ziwi Peak’s reformulated dog canned recipes contain no grains, potatoes, corn, wheat, soy, sugars, glycerine, carrageenan, agar agar, guar gum, sodium tripolyphosphate or tetrasodium pyrophosphate.






KASIKS Grub Pet Food


KASIKS Grub Pet Food

This diet for dogs and cats uses a combination of locally raised, eco-friendly insect meal in combination with wild-caught boneless/skinless salmon to deliver complete and balanced nutrition. It contains no added hormones, antibiotics or steroids, and is GMO-free. Insect protein is equal or, in some cases, higher in protein and fat than traditional sources and has a low environmental impact.







Walk About Dog Treats

Walk About Dog Treats use the latest nutritional information to create the perfect mix of lean proteins, healthy oils and antioxidants. They promote healthy skin and coat with Omega 3 and Omega 6, as well as muscle development with low-fat, highly digestible proteins. They contain active energy ingredients. Walk About Pet Products deliver complete and balanced nutrition formulated to the highest standards.







raw coated biscuitsStella & Chewy’s Raw Coated Biscuits

Inspired by the whole prey diet, each Raw Coated Biscuit recipe includes meat, organs and bone. Coated with freeze-dried raw, high in meat and organ content and crafted in USA kitchens.





ORIJEN Dog Treats

ORIJEN Dog Treats are made of 100 percent meat, poultry or fish gently freeze-dried to preserve the nutrition and taste from raw proteins. Free of any grains or carbohydrates, the treats are biologically appropriate, made from regional ingredients and never outsourced.






ACANA Singles Dog Treats

ACANA Singles Treats for dogs are formula-matched to ACANA Singles dry dog food and feature a single-protein recipe, appropriate for healthy dogs with dietary sensitivities. They are freeze-dried to optimize nutrition and taste, and made with raw meats or poultry. All three flavors are biologically appropriate.






Sojos Simply Wild Dog Treats

These mouth-watering, bite-size morsels are the perfect training treat for dogs of all sizes. Our Simply Wild Treats are gently freeze-dried so all the natural enzymes in raw meat are carefully protected, and pampered pooches get the raw, fresh fish they crave. No artificial preservatives, artificial flavors or color, and nothing from China.





Solid Gold Dog BarkingAtTheMoon Beef


Solid Gold Barking at the Moon with Beef

Barking at the Moon is a high-protein, gluten-free dog kibble with nutrient-rich beef, fresh ocean fish meal, a blend of 20 nutritious superfoods like peas and eggs, and grains. The holistic ingredients support dogs’ systems to clean, balance and fuel the gut so they can experience health insight and out.







redbarn dog-protein puffs


Protein Puffs

Redbarn’s Protein Puffs are a natural, clean-label treat, packed with 75 percent protein at less than 1 calorie per treat. Light and crispy, the protein comes from human-grade caseinate, a milk-based protein commonly used in health supplements. Made in the USA, these healthy, grain-free treats can also be used as a food topper or training aid.








Wellness CORE 100% Freeze Dried Treats

These single-ingredient, bite-sized nuggets of 100 percent meat are freeze-dried to lock in flavor and nutrients. These treats are low in calories, and are grain-, gluten- and filler-free, making them perfect for snacking or topping. They are available in 2-ounce bags in Boar, Salmon, Turkey and Beef.








Fromm Duck àla Veg Pâté 

Fromm Duck àla Veg Pâté is a grain-free entrée that features finely minced duck cooked in duck broth together with sweet potatoes and an assortment of fruits and vegetables, including lentils, carrots, apples and more. This entrée joins a growing collection of pâté and shredded entrées manufactured in Fromm’s company-owned cannery in Eden, Wisconsin.






Jiminys Cricket TreatsJiminy’s Chewy Cricket Treats

New straining treats contain wholesome ingredients like sweet potatoes, peas, oats and crickets for a delicious and nutritious reward. Also great for small dogs who prefer a soft, savory treat.