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Getting Bowled Over

Sandy Robins//February 1, 2015//

Getting Bowled Over

Sandy Robins //February 1, 2015//

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In line with the trending ideal that good nutrition promotes good overall canine health and longevity, the mere dog bowl has been transformed into doggie dinnerware.

This has launched a slew of innovative bowls that not only look good but serve individual functional needs, such as raised bowls for elderly dogs and pet amputees, designs catering to brachycephalic (snub-nosed) breeds.

Dogs that eat too fast are often prone to a medical condition known as bloat. This has prompted the Kyjen Company to create the Outward Hound brand and to rename their award-winning line of Slo-Bowls, which will now be called Fun Feeders. Food served in a Fun Feeder can extend a three-minute guzzle to a ten-minute meal.

Kyjen is also well known for their puzzles, which are designed to keep both dogs (and cats) mentally and physically engaged when home alone. They work with both treats and the daily meal.

“We will now be one brand relevant to today’s pet parents’ lifestyles, creating opportunities for meaningful experiences with their dogs,” said Paul Banker, the company’s marketing manager.”We consider our puzzles to be slow feeders too. They definitely serve the same purpose, hence our new name of Fun Feeders is all encompassing.”

According to Gretchen George, president of PetRageous, PetRageous Designs will be debuting 15 new collections in 2015 that include multiple dog bowls and dishes in varying colors, styles, sizes and capacities.

“Several of these new collections are extensions of colors or patterns that have performed well for us the last few years,” said George. “In creating new collections we look at the broader picture of the complete pet dining area. We understand that pet owners enjoy incorporating their pet’s dining area with their own home décor, so we continue to provide options for pet owners to customize this space with coordinating bowls, dishes and placemats.”

Some notable upcoming product lines include Play Pals, Zigazaga, One Spoiled Pet and Doodle Pet.

PetRageous will also be tapping into the slow-feeding trend with additional slow-feeding bowls in both stoneware and melamine.

“We’ve added a 4-cup capacity slow-feed bowl to our Metro collection,” said George. “While the Chow Time melamine collection will feature a 4-cup and a 6-cup capacity.”
Launched last September, the Loving Bowl is designed especially for brachycephalic dogs and cats.

“We currently have one size available in pink, blue and white for smaller breeders such as French bulldogs, pugs and shih tzus,” said inventor Bill Harris. “We are coming out with a cat-specific version and a larger bowl for bigger dogs, such as boxers, by the end of March 2015.”

Harris was prompted to come up with the sloped interior design of the bowl after watching his French bulldog Lacy struggling with her food at every meal.

The design also prevents brachycephalic pets from flicking their food over the sides of a conventionally designed bowl and causing a mess. More importantly, they swallow less air while taking mouthfuls of food because it is easier to pick up due to the bowl’s accommodating shape.

Based on Pantone’s Color of the Year, namely Radiant Orchid, Petmate’s new Wetnoz Studio Scoop Bowl is available in the trending lilac color.

“Its sturdy no-slip design ensures meals stay in place, not where doggie noses push it,” said Emilye Schmale, corporate communications manager for Petmate. “The bowl is available in 1-cup, 3- cup and 5-cup sizes.”

To further focus on no-slip eating, Wetnoz stainless steel Flexi bowls are combined with silicone mats to prevent the bowls from moving, as well as providing an easy answer to cleaning up spills. The design is available in six colors and different sizes.

New from New Jersey-based Loving Pets comes the Robusto bowl, which has been tested under a 6,000 lb. truck.

“They didn’t dent or crack,” confirmed company president Eric Abbey.

Built for extreme durability, the Robusto bowls are made from heavy-gauge aluminum construction, paired with simple, bright color and design combinations that have a ceramic-like finish. Design options include white dog bones for larger dog bowls, and paw prints for smaller dog bowls. They are available in four sizes and come in violet, aqua, midnight, sunburst, and ivory.

“The feedback we receive and welcome from our retail customers, as well as our end-consumers, helps us continue to innovate and develop new product solutions that address both quality and affordability,” said Abbey. “It’s a win-win.”