Company of Animals Announces Dr. Roger Mugford Retirement, Appointment of Daughter as CEO

By Pet Age Staff//March 12, 2024//

Company of Animals Announces Dr. Roger Mugford Retirement, Appointment of Daughter as CEO

By: Pet Age Staff//March 12, 2024//

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After 44 years at the helm of the Company of Animals (COA), founder and CEO Dr. Roger Mugford is passing the torch to his daughter Dr. Emily Mugford, who has been unanimously appointed by the COA board as the company’s new chief executive officer.

In a heartfelt message to COA staff, Roger Mugford expressed gratitude for the fulfilling and varied career he has had with dogs and the COA. He highlighted the unique nature of COA as an independent business, free from the corporate constraints that dominate the pet industry. He emphasized both the past achievements and continuing opportunities that arise from his daughter’s appointment.

Dr. Emily Mugford is a veterinary surgeon with a wealth of experience in the pet industry and has been a director and COA board member for three years. In her introductory letter to the staff of COA, she shared her journey from packing Haltis when a child and in the early days of the company, to qualifying as a veterinary surgeon and then practice owner. She expressed pride in her father’s achievements and outlined her commitment to build upon the foundations he has laid.

Having owned a veterinary practice and worked in various leadership roles within the veterinary industry, Emily Mugford brings a deep understanding of the pet industry. She expressed excitement about leading COA and her commitment to learning from the team, acknowledging both the present challenges and future opportunities.

Dr. Roger Mugford will continue to be involved in COA, overseeing The Pet Centre at the company’s UK headquarters on Ruxbury Farm and pursuing opportunities that benefit animals and the planet. He expressed gratitude to the staff for their loyalty and urged them to extend the same support to Emily.

The Mugford family’s dedication to the well-being of pets and their owners is evident in COA’s mission statement: “To enrich the lives of pets and people through innovative best-in-class products and services.”

Emily Mugford is poised to carry forward this mission, with an emphasis upon building strong customer relationships and a promise to focus on activities and products that enhance the human-animal bond, which are the core of COA’s work.

The transition from father to daughter  marks a new chapter for COA, emphasizing continuity and a commitment to the values that have defined the company since its inception.