Caru Petfood: Homemade with Love

Pet Age Staff//October 25, 2018

Caru Petfood: Homemade with Love

Pet Age Staff //October 25, 2018

In just a few short years, Caru Pet Food Company has become a go-to brand for many dog and cat owners. CEO and co-founder Adrian Pettyan talks about why that is, as well as the inspiration behind the company’s 2014 start.

Q You and your wife, Pamela, were both medical professionals before starting Caru. How does your background in human healthcare help better Caru?

A Both Pamela and I value health and nutrition above all else, whether that’s for people or their furry companions. This passion for healthy pet food began when our beloved spokespup, Karu, began suffering from ear infections at an early age. Our veterinarian suggested switching his diet to homemade food because of all the nutritional benefits that home cooked meals provide. As healthcare professionals, we understand the importance of a nutritious diet. Upon changing his food, we noticed a positive change in his health. We decided to share our nutritious recipes with other pet parents to promote health and wellness for all pets.

Q You’re known as “the people who make very good food in a box.” How important is using Tetra Pak cartons to your business?

A As the first American pet food company to utilize the Tetra Pak for its products, we value the wonderful benefits of this innovative and eco-friendly packaging. Not only is it made from up to 70 percent renewable resources, but it’s also lighter than conventional cans and keeps out any metallic taste, ensuring that our products taste just like a homemade meal. Another benefit is that they’re easy to open, serve, close, travel with and store so pet parents can portion out the correct amount for their pet and save the rest for later, knowing it will be just as fresh as when they opened it.

Q You launched cat stews earlier this year. What has been the reaction to those—from retailers and cat owners?

A We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to the launch of our new cat stews. Many fans of our dog stews have cats as well, and we’re proud to now provide the same quality and nutritional benefits for our feline friends. Our retailers like that the stews are crafted in small batches and made with 100 percent human grade, American-sourced ingredients in a human-grade facility.

Q What kind of customer/dog is the Daily Dish line perfect for?

A Our Daily Dish stews are perfect for every owner and dog, no matter their breed or age. The stews are very reasonably priced, making them affordable for everyday feeding, and the fact that the recipes are made with limited ingredients helps appeal to dogs with a range of dietary restrictions. Plus, they come in six delicious flavors to please even the pickiest eaters.

Q The inspiration for your company was Karu. In what way does he continue to have an effect on your business?

A Karu is the heart and soul of Caru Pet Food. We miss him dearly, but we’re grateful for the 13 wonderful years we spent with him as our best friend and number one taste tester. Every day, he guides us on our mission to create the best possible food and treats for the health and happiness of our furry friends.


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