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Bringing Home Baby

Glenn Polyn//March 1, 2020//

Bringing Home Baby

Glenn Polyn //March 1, 2020//

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Rancho Bizarro, the name I’ve given my home for motley creatures, recently accepted a few new residents to the family. The most notable of these is Inspiration, a young LaMancha doe that had great potential as a show goat until it suffered a leg injury. While I’ve been intrigued by the notion of goat competitions, my primary desire was to give Inspiration a forever home.

I’ve found that LaManchas behave a lot like dogs, as they’re herd animals that are happiest when they’re involved with their group. They’re extremely curious animals, needing to nibble every bucket handle, cardboard box and shoelace to decide if it’s good to eat. Their friendly nature even carries over to my two pups, as I often find the LaManchas inquisitively following the dogs around like ducklings with the mama duck.

As LaManchas are dairy goats known for their high milk production, I was excited to learn that Inspiration was pregnant when she arrived to my home. This fact brings the added bonus of my getting to use her milk to make a variety of products, from cheese and yogurt to soap and lotion.

Based on the typical LaMancha gestation period, Inspiration is due to give birth the last week of March. When the kid (newborn goat) or kids are born, it will be an exciting time at Rancho Bizarro, as I’m looking forward to caring for these adorable fluffballs.

It’s pure coincidence that the Pet Age cover story this month is on the topic of puppies and kittens, but it’s a subject matter that has a major impact on pet retailers who cater to consumers welcoming young fur babies to their family. There are countless boxes to check off in preparation for a new kitten or puppy, including proper food, toys and other such necessities as bowls and toilet products. In addition, training the youngster is important to consider in order to avoid any behavioral issues.

The March edition of Pet Age also features the newest members of our Women of Influence Awards, with recipients coming from all sectors of the industry, including retail, manufacturing, grooming and veterinary sectors. We take pride in recognizing these amazing women, along with this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award selection, who is the leader of an iconic, family-owned American manufacturer founded in 1968.

Rather than mention any names, I’ll allow you to read on so you can find out who the honorees are this year. And don’t forget to examine the other captivating content this month, including our hedgehog profile on this month’s Pet of the Month page, the essential aquatic products in the Focus On spread and the trending litter, toys and feeders in the Trends & Products section. Enjoy!

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