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2 Traveling Dogs: Digby Made the World a Better Place

Glenn Polyn//January 1, 2022//

2 Traveling Dogs: Digby Made the World a Better Place

Glenn Polyn //January 1, 2022//

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On December 1, I received a gut punch from an Instagram post by 2 Traveling Dogs. The post simply showed a photo of Digby and the following description: Digby loved ALL of you so much. Thank you for loving our little boy. 

Digby Pancake was 12 years old when he left this world. Digby and his rescue canine stepbrother Peanut Butter Brickle were adored by more than a million people on the 2 Traveling Dogs blog and social media platforms. 2 Traveling Dogs was co-created by Rachael Johnson, who with her husband Nathan started the blog detailing their adventures of living with their two rescue dogs in an RV as they travel across the country.

As an admirer of the work that she and her husband have done, I offered Rachael this space for to share her memories of Digby and what follows is her response: 


Words have not been coming easily to me lately. The depth of my love for Digby Pancake is unlike any love I’ve ever known. I don’t know what my life would have been without that rescued Foxhound. But I do know my life will never be the same. And although he is physically not in the RV with us and Peanut Butter Brickle, he is and will always be a part of 2 Traveling Dogs. A dog that has traveled the U.S.A. and all the lower 48 states, visiting shelters and rescues to promote animal rescue his way! 

In 2010, a happy, playful dog on the Tampa Bay Humane Society website reached thru the computer to our hearts. I’ve never met a person like Digby. Yes. A person. A person is a being that has certain capacities or attributes such as reason and consciousness. I firmly believe that Digby was this. I firmly believe that Digby is this. And I firmly believe he has taught others to look at their dogs in another way. A way of understanding, compassion and responsibility. 

I’ve never known someone to be as happy as Digby. With an appetite for food, affection and all things of this earth, he taught me to see the little things. Digby taught others that opening your hearts to a dog and making the commitment to give that dog the best life possible will make your life the best life possible. 

So many have said Digby reminds them of their dog or a dog they have lost. And so, Digby was everyone’s dog. When they looked into his eyes, even on a phone or computer screen, they saw someone they loved. And Digby loved each and every soul of this world who loved him. 

Finding our way without Digby leading is not going to be easy. The last few days have been the hardest of my life. I never imagined my life without him because I couldn’t imagine a world without him. Oh, Digby. We all miss you so much. Help us see the wonderful ways you made the world a better place. And help us all to find your joy, smile and goodness in every dog… every person we meet. I love you, my son. My little boy. My Digby. Everyone’s Digby. 


Glenn A. Polyn

Associate Publisher & Editor in Chief