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Brand of the Month: Intersand, Cat Litter Influencer

Pet Age Staff//August 1, 2023//

Brand of the Month: Intersand, Cat Litter Influencer

Pet Age Staff //August 1, 2023//

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The cat litter market has seen major growth of late thanks, in part, to several recent innovations. One brand at the forefront of these product advancements is Intersand, which owns its own R&D and Innovation Center. Stéphane Chevigny, president and CEO of Intersand, recently shared some insights into the technologies, science and creative partnerships that has turned the brand into a world leader in the area of cat litter.

What can you tell us about the history of Intersand and its pet products?
A: I founded Intersand over 30 years ago in Canada with a desire to produce a high quality, premium cat litter with superior odor control and unique technology that offers a variety of key benefits to cats and their parents. Our signature litter, OdorLock, is the 4-in-1 ultimate odor control cat litter that blocks ammonia, is extra-hard clumping, dust free and with no tracking. This year, we expanded our product line again with the introduction of OdorLock maxCare, a unique litter that offers everything OdorLock is known best for, plus the added benefit of health monitoring technology. This new litter was actually inspired by my sister’s cat who fell ill, had to undergo surgery and all of it could have been prevented had the disease been detected earlier. Today, with products selling nationwide and in 60+ countries, Intersand continues to learn, grow and expand as an influencer member of the cat litter industry, renowned for its daring innovation and deep respect for cats and their parents.
Also, in 2020 Intersand expanded into the United States by opening a state-of-the-art production facility in Windsor, Colorado. This production facility is strategically connected by railway to one of the main sources of bentonite clay in Wyoming, a main ingredient in Intersand’s cat litter formulas. The facility’s location allows for supply chain efficiency and distribution, making it a driving force behind our company’s continued growth and success as the leading global manufacturer of premium cat litter.

How does Intersand define the term “premium cat litter”?
A: We have the highest standards when it comes to producing the highest quality of premium cat litter. Intersand’s OdorLock mineral litter is made from the best clay from Wyoming that is 100 percent pure and natural, ultra-absorbent and offers extra-hard clumping for maximum efficiency without compromise. Its optimal odor control lasts for more than 40 days, and it is dust-free for healthy, quick and easy cleaning (even in a multi-cat environment). This high-performance litter generates less waste, and therefore lasts longer, and can absorb 6x its weight in liquid. Thanks to its patent technology, OdorLock litter neutralizes ammonia formation for unparalleled control of urine and feces odors.

How can a litter help monitor a cat’s health issues?
A: Our newest product, OdorLock maxCare, is an ultra-premium clay litter that contains granules that will turn blue when put into contact with blood and/or glucose in the cat’s urine, which are excellent early indicators of urinary tract diseases and/or diabetes, respectively. This easy-to-use and read process makes monitoring a cat’s on-going health and wellbeing simple for cat parents, plus offers additional peace of mind. If you can be proactive about your cat’s health, you can better treat or address any issues before they become more serious. Intersand’s new OdorLock maxCare is made from the highest quality bentonite and uses innovative technology, which has also been tested by Blücare Laboratories specialists, that guarantees 40 days without odor.