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Brand of the Month: NutriSource, An Optimal Diet

Pet Age Staff//June 30, 2023//

Brand of the Month: NutriSource, An Optimal Diet

Pet Age Staff //June 30, 2023//

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NutriSource’s Full Circle Feeding is designed to boost a dog’s well-being. 

It’s common knowledge that a healthy dog is a happy dog. In addition, a dog’s optimal health starts with an optimal diet. The team at NutriSource wants the brand to be the source of happiness for dogs everywhere. Enter Full Circle Feeding, which gives dogs the variety that they desire. Adam Martodam, marketing director at NutriSource, explains how a Full Circle Diet diet can enable pet parents to feel confident that their pet’s health is at the center of it all.


How does NutriSource define a Full Circle Feeding diet and what are its main components?

Full Circle Feeding encourages consumers to create variety for their dogs by elevating mealtime and treating with incorporating kibble, wet, toppers and treats while maintaining focus on what is best for their dog’s overall well-being. This is far more than a broad recommendation. We want to make sure we are providing mindful recommendations and the resources to help educate our consumers on how to incorporate all lines of NutriSource to optimize the health of their pet.

The Full Circle Feeding customer journey starts at the NutriSource website where they can gain a better understanding of Full Circle Feeding and the benefits to their dog with an abundance of resources on a variety of topics related to Full Circle Feeding. From there customers are encouraged to take a quiz so we can better understand their pup and their dietary needs to deliver a recommended meal plan to their inbox. This meal plan contains a variety of diet options along with links to a number of additional resources so they can feel comfortable introducing Full Circle Feeding to their pet’s every day diet. The final stage of this campaign is providing consumers direction and incentive to purchase the products at their local independent pet retailer.


What kind of variety can be incorporated into a Full Circle Feeding diet?

Full Circle Feeding is broken into five easy steps focused on how to achieve the optimal Full Circle Feeding meal plan incorporating kibble, wet, toppers, treats and soon our new freeze-dried products.

Step 1: Choosing a kibble. NutriSource kibble is the foundation of Full Circle Feeding. It provides pets with a nutritious meal that satisfies the appetite while supporting good gut health.

Step 2: Mix in wet food. Mixing wet food into the kibble is a critical component to Full Circle Feeding. There’s no easier way to introduce new proteins to a dog than to open a can of chicken, beef, fish or lamb and spoon a portion into their bowl as part of the meal.

Step 3: Treat them to an extra boost. Food toppers are often overlooked, but pet parents can add Come-pooch-a to the meal for an extra dimension of aroma and flavor while providing additional benefits to support their dog’s health.

Step 4: Rotate protein and carbs. Full Circle Feeding involves regularly changing the proteins and carbohydrates in a dog’s diet. Because of our Good4Life system, consumers can feel confident in regularly rotating there dogs diet.

Step 5: Enjoy the results.


What benefits does Good 4 Life provide in a Full Circle Feeding diet?

Good 4 Life is packed with probiotics, prebiotics and proprietary minerals. It’s deliciously designed to help heal a dog’s gut and make rotational feeding as easy as, “sit, shake.”

Because Good 4 Life is included in almost all NutriSource product lines, the first thing pet parents will notice is their dog’s system will settle quickly, transitioning between the protein and carb sources without any signs of tummy issues.

With ongoing support from Good 4 Life, dogs develop a healthier, more diverse microbiome, elevating their well-being from nose to tail. The changes happening on the inside will start showing up on the outside.


How does Full Circle Feeding benefit NutriSource retailers?

Our support of independent pet continues to be at the heart of everything we do including the promotion of Full Circle Feeding. Our goal is to drive more sales with our retail partners and grow overall NutriSource business in those stores with the intent of creating repeat visits.