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Blogging Benefits of Engaging Content

Pet Age Staff//January 1, 2020//

Blogging Benefits of Engaging Content

Pet Age Staff //January 1, 2020//

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Another blog, really? Yes, really! While the internet may be inundated with blogs across every imaginable industry, that does not mean your business doesn’t need one, too! In fact, creating a blog can be a fun outlet, allowing you to connect with customers and other business owners in your particular niche. Of course, if you’re going to start a blog, you need to do it correctly. That means you need to be consistent about your posts and be sure you’re posting content that is relevant to both your industry and your specific business. Let’s talk about the four reasons you need a blog for your pet business!

  1. Active Engagement
    One of the most important reasons to start a blog is to create a dialogue between you and your audience. The key is to engage with your customers—those who already use your products and/or services, and those who may be interested in visiting your business. By creating relevant blog posts and linking them on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, you have the potential to reach a wider audience than ever before.

Of course, to engage with people you’ll need to create engaging content. Give your audience some unique information and tidbits about the pet industry that they may not know. Use polls and giveaways as fun ways to further engage with your audience. Most importantly, be sure your blog has a comments section! This will really allow folks to engage and become part of the conversation. You’ll learn more about your customers and what they want—and they’ll learn more about you and your business in the process!

  1. Establish Expertise
    Creating a blog allows you to sell yourself as the expert within your industry. For those in the pet industry, be sure to give relevant tips based on current trends and products hitting the market. Let your audience know what you think about certain happenings—both good and bad. Is there something about the industry that’s bothering you? Let’s hear it!

Your customers want to know who they are dealing with at the end of the day—whether you know it or not, people really are interested in the person behind the products or services that they’re buying, especially when it’s in the interest of their beloved pets. Once you establish an expertise, people will be more likely to revisit your business and spread the word about your offerings.

  1. Boost Sales
    Small-business owners may not think a blog is worth creating, but trust me, it can seriously help to boost your sales—especially if you’ve started to engage with your audience and really establish that expertise we just discussed. Now that your audience knows who you are, and they trust you and what you stand for, they’ll be more willing to buy products and services from you.

    A blog is a great way to link to your services and online shops. If you’re looking to boost sales of a specific product, I highly recommend creating a relevant blog post. For example, I sell pet safety signs on my company website. So, I created a blog post that discussed “4 Tips for National Pet Fire Safety Day.” Using that blog, I was able to link to my safety signs because people actually had context for their use and importance.

  2. Create Community
    While this is similar to engaging with your audience, creating a community takes it one step further and truly comes only when you have all the other pillars in place. By engaging, establishing expertise and boosting sales, you’ll have created a community—all through blogging! Your audience will know where to go when they have questions or concerns about your pet, especially if you’re consistent about your content creation. Be sure to post on all of your social media channels when you have a new blog post up!

Blogs to Follow!

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