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BLOG: Bradley Caldwell’s Hershey Spring Show

Rebekah Harrison//February 26, 2015//

BLOG: Bradley Caldwell’s Hershey Spring Show

Rebekah Harrison //February 26, 2015//

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Bradley Caldwell held their annual Hershey Spring Show in Hershey, Penn. last week and the Pet Age staff had the pleasure of attending.

The show had a very nice turnout. There were 475 vendors attending. There were a lot of pet products and many of them really stood out.


While a lot of pet companies are keeping their new products under wraps until Global next week, I was still able to see many great and innovative pet products.

One such item, the Purr Pillow by Petstages really caught my eye. Not only is it adorable, it also helps to soothe cats with a 10 second purr as they cuddle against it. I can’t wait to run out to my retailer and pick one of for my cat. I think it will do wonders for her separation anxiety.

Another item that I noticed was Kaytee’s Critter Cruiser. It looks like a little race car. It is purely pet-powered and is ideal for hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats. This is something a retailer would really have fun carrying in their store.

As far as pet food goes, Artemis was there with a brand new line of their Osopure food for fabulous felines! It is grain free and made with salmon and garbanzo beans which makes it an excellent source of carbohydrates and fiber to help them stay active all day. What caught my eye from across the room was the amazing packaging. This would look fabulous on any retail shelf.

Simply Fido’s Organic Pet Toy Collection was perfect! Not only are they absolutely adorable, they are also made of 100 percent organic materials. To me, they looked indistinguishable from newborn baby toys.

Some of the toys had crinkly paper inside that will be sure to keep a puppy entertained for hours. This line could definitely be a beautiful focal point in any store’s toy section.

Fluker’s has put out a new line of Hermit Crab products. Given the popularity of the pet, especially in the summertime, now would be the perfect time for retailers to order Fluker’s hermit crab line.

As far as bedding goes, I really liked FiberCore’s Eco-Bedding. It’s made with 100 percent recycled paper but it is also super absorbent and soft. Small animals will love to borrow in it. Birds can also get in on the fun as owners can put it in their toys and they can play all day.

But what I loved most about FiberCore’s Eco-Bedding was the fact that it is packaged by developmentally disabled adults. FiberCore has over 150 adults with special needs assembling their retail products.  

I thought the Betta Falls by Aqueon was really innovative. It allows fish owners to have three bettas in the same tank. I know this would have been perfect for me when I was a kid since I had two sisters and we each had bettas and it was rather inconvenient to clean each one. This new tank allows them to live together yet separately. Each tank has a wall between them so the fish will never interact.