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BLOG: Top 10 Travel Items for Pets

Rebekah Harrison//March 23, 2015//

BLOG: Top 10 Travel Items for Pets

Rebekah Harrison //March 23, 2015//

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It is time for the holidays so there is no doubt that a lot of pets and their owners will be traveling. Some pet owners might need to scramble into retail stores to pick up a pet carrier to travel by plane, car and train and even by foot.

There are many options when offering customers a safe and comfortable carrier. I have compiled a list of my favorite pet carriers to entice pet owners and have them leave your store happy. Whether they want safety or durability or fashion, there is a pet carrier for all.

1. SturdiBag by Sturdi Products

I actually own and use this bag for my cat, Lizzy. She is a horrible traveler and has even escaped on two occasions that resulted in her running around the airplane cabin floor. When I brought home the SturdiBag, I immediately placed it on the floor next to one of her favorite lounge areas. She started sniffing it so I opened the easy to open front. Then, she actually willingly walked in it! She must have loved the fleece pad because she then curled up and took a little snooze.

When it was time to take a trip to the vet last week, she once again just trotted right into it. I couldn’t believe it. I also couldn’t believe how evenly her weight was distributed when I picked it up. Walking to my car was extremely smooth and for once, she didn’t cry at all in the car. I could also easily buckle her in as the carrier comes with a seat belt safety strap. Once we got to the vet, I zipped up the privacy flaps on the mesh windows and she fell fast asleep.

The SturdiBag is available in five sizes with a multitude of colors and patterns available.


2. 2-Door Kennel by Petmate

The 2-door kennel is a new product that provides easy and versatile access with a door on the front and a door on the top. These securely-latched steel front and top doors help with easy in and out access. I like that the top offers extra ventilation for pets. It’s sleek and modern looking with metallic paint that pet owners are sure to love.


3. Skudo Travel Carriers by Midwest Homes for Pets

These carriers will work for dogs, cats and even small animals. It is made from durable and easy to clean plastic so clean up is a breeze. The best part is the handy storage compartment available on certain models that can hold things like leashes, collars and treats.

There is also a swivel handle that works really well with the roll casters when traveling through the airport. The casters can be purchased separately so they are an optional ad on. These carriers also come in a variety of colors and are backed by a one year warranty.


4. Sleepypod

The Sleepypod is a luxury pet carrier that can also be used as a bed. It’s super versatile so while dogs like to look around all the time, it can easily be manipulated so that a cat can enjoy her privacy.

The Sleepypod offers ultra-plush bedding to keep pets happy as they travel. It can also easily be strapped into any car seat. What’s more, it also has different temperature bedding for different weather. During summertime car rides, there is the Air Mesh Bedding and for holiday plane rides you can use the Sleepypod Warmer Kit.

Sleepypod makes tons of accessories to go with the Sleepypod to make trips out of the house much more enjoyable. In fact, Sleepypod also makes an Air model to keep owners happy with more legroom on flights and pets comfortable with the same Sleepypod technology.


5. K9 Courier Pet Carrier by Kurgo

This pet carrier does it all. It’s a carrier, booster seat and a travel bed all in one. It’s great for walking, driving and even biking. While it has the usual shoulder strap, it also has a strap for the pet owner’s waist which provides stability and takes pressure off of the shoulders.

It even pulls out so that it can be used as a travel bed.

It also has storage pockets for things like keys, phones and toiletries making it a very convenient travel tool.


6. Wheeled Comfort Carrier by Bergan

The Wheeled Comfort Carrier provides the same level of comfort for pets as the original but this one has wheels to make walking through airports a breeze! The handle on the carrier doubles as both a pull strap and a shoulder strap. That way, pet owners can carry other shoulder bags with ease while still towing along their special friend.

The carrier also features mesh panels for maximum breathability. It has a safety belt loop which secures the carrier into the car. It features a Pet Connect access opening for comforting pets on the go. The carrier comes in four fashionable colors too.


7. Embossed Croco Monaco Totes by Bark N Bag

These are amazing totes. They look like the infamous Hermes Birkin bags but they can fit a pup inside! This bag boasts exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials and authentic styling (much like the Birkin bag) which truly makes it an iconic pet carrier and fashion accessory.

It has a removable interior leash strap and mesh panels for ventilation. It also had an interior zippered pocket for pet owner items. With tons of other colors and materials to pick from, pet owners are sure to love this luxury pet tote.


8. The Porter by Marchioro

The Porter allows pets an unobstructed view of their surroundings with wire openings much like a crate. But this crate has a convenient handle at the top for easy transport. It is a pretty cool design.

It’s perfect for a small dog and cat and is available in three sizes and with superb Italian craftmanship

9. The MIM Safe Variocage by 4×4 North America

This isn’t a carrier per say, but it is extremely cool. The MIM Safe Variocage is the only crash test certified and approved dog cage on the market. Customers will love being offered this option so they can be sure that their dog will be certified safe.

It has a perfect track record of safety for over a decade and comes in 14 adjustable sizes to best fit cats, dogs and vehicles. It is designed to deliver the highest level of safety and can withstand all types of collisions.

It’s available in both single and double sizes to accommodate multi-dog households.


10. Element by Sherpa QPG

This duffle is the only pet carrier that is Guaranteed on Board for many of the most popular airlines. If a pet owner successfully registered prior to the flight and then is denied access due to issues with their SHERPA carrier, QPG will reimburse the travel fees for the pet and the pet owner’s ticket cost. That is unheard of!

The Element model looks just like a gym bag but also offers mesh siding for pet ventilation. It reminds me of something Carmen Sandiego would use. It is a classic.

Honorable Mention: on the go Food and Water Bowl by Planetdog

These collapsible bowls are really convenient for travel. This bowls simply pop open for easy access yet they also sit flat for stability. They are made from a durable poly-canvas and can be machined washed.

They come in classic bright striped colors that make the bowls easy to find no matter where they are.